Unisonic – ‘Light of Dawn’ album released in Japan today

Today on 23.07.2014 Unisonic’s new album ‘Light of Dawn’ was released in Japan in all stores. The album has different gifts, like a golden pick in first press or buttons in some shops. People who did not get their copy yet, can listen to samples at different pages:



Amazon samples: click here

Tower.jp samples: click here

E-onkyo samples: click here

HD-music samples: click here

Mora.jp samples: click here

Itunes samples: click here

Big Unisonic fanclub contest to win ‘Light of Dawn’ box set and more

I’m very proud to announce the Unisonic Fanclub contest to win several editions of the new album ‘Light of Dawn’.  To make this as fair as possible, there are 6 questions to be answered and a real Unisonic fan should know or find the answers. The goal is to answer all 6 questions and this would be the first price.  If there is more than one fan who answers all questions, we have to do a drawing. This may also happen, if no one answers all 6 questions and only 5 questions are correct etc.

Here are the prices:

1. price: 1 Unisonic ‘Light of Dawn’ Box Set including (the deluxe edition, the early demo cd, a 7 vinyl, a T-Shirt in size L, a poster and 5 picture cards)
2. price: 1 Unisonic ‘Light of Dawn’ Japanese edition including Japan only bonus track
3. price: 1 Unisonic ‘Light of Dawn’ deluxe CD edition (signed by the band and limited to 300)






Send the answers to this email: nightangel@unisonicfanclub.com

The contest will end on 03.08.2014 at 24:00 and the items will be shipped in August 2014 after getting the address of all winners.


Here we go with the 6 questions:

1. Which songs from the new album played Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward in acoustic during the promotional tour?
2. How many members of Place Vendome play in the new album of Unisonic?
3. In which year Unisonic was formed?
4. Tell the first band of Kosta Zafiriou with whom he recorded songs?
5. What is the background of Night of the long knives?
6. Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward worked in different projects before Unisonic; apart of Unisonic, how many albums did they work together? (count Dennis Ward as musician, as producer, engineering, mixing etc)

Unisonic played at Masters of Rock festival on 13.07.2014

10530692_668632526564480_6444955324597212836_nThe 2nd show of Unisonic was done at Masters of Rock in Vizovice on 13.07.2014. It was their 3rd time they played there after 2010 and 2012.

The stage time was set to 20:45 and a signing session was done before at 19:00.They played over an 1 hour and more songs than the day before. There was also a premier for a completely new and not yet played song.



The setlist:01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. King For A Day
08. Exceptional
09. Throne Of The Dawn
10. March Of Time
11. Over The Rainbow
12. Souls Alive
13. We Rise
14. I Want Out



Running Order Masters Of Rock Festival 2014Signing session: 19:00Day 13. 7.
14:50 – 15:50 … KATAKLYSM
16:10 – 17:00 … BONFIRE
17:30 – 18:30 … TERRANA
19:00 – 20:15 … ELUVEITIE
20:45 – 22:00 … UNISONIC
22:30 – 24:00 SEBASTIAN BACH


My comments: “The 2nd show of Unisonic was done at Masters of Rock festival and it was already the 3rd time Unisonic played there after 2010 and 2012. For Kiske it was the 5th time he played at this festival, since he also played in 2011 with Gamma Ray at the Winter Masters and with Avantasia in 2013.

They first did a signing session at 19:00 and already an hour before many people were waiting to get something signed. The show started at 20:45 and luckily the weather was much better than the day before and no rain during the show. The sound was also much better and Kiske’s voice was in perfect shape. They played 3 more songs than at the first show and especially 1 more new songs, ‘Throne of the Crown’. The audience really enjoyed and celebrated the whole show. During a speech Kiske told the audience that they would have loved to watch the football final between Germany and Argentina, but they decided to play for the audience instead. :) As a little sidenote, they watched the rest of the match in the bus afterwards. ;)


Throne of the Dawn:

We Rise:

Over the Rainbow:

Press stuff

You can check our photo album here. Check out the great photo album of Spark magazine, click here.

Unisonic played at Bang your head Festival on 12.07.2014

10425447_667610996666633_6803999889104174386_nAfter an almost 2 years break, Unisonic entered for the first time again the stage at the Bang Your head festival in Balingen on 12.07.2014.

The stage time was set to 17:00 and they played around 1 hour. During the set, some rain started, but luckily only during a few songs.



The setlist:
01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. King For A Day
08. Exceptional
09. March Of Time
10. We Rise
11. I Want Out
Bang Your Head 2014 programVAIN     10:00
MORE     10:50
HIRAX     11:45
MAD MAX     12:40
EKTOMORF     13:45
ROB ROCK     14:50
OBITUARY     15:55
UNISONIC     17:00
ANTHRAX     18:20
EUROPE     19:40


My comments: “The Saturday was sadly much worse than the day before regarding weather conditions and there were several rain showers during the whole day, also during the Unisonic gig. The show was very good, but noticed a little bit that it was their first show after a long break.


For the Kingdom:


March of Time:

Press stuff

Chech our fanclub photo album here. Festival uploaded some pictures in a photo album.

New video clip of Unisonic “Exceptional”



You can watch the new video of the song “Exceptional” taken from the album “Light of Dawn” in the following links:




All other countries:



Get the song ‘Exceptional’ right now on iTunes and pre-order the album now!


iTunes: http://smarturl.it/unisonic_lod_itunes

Standard Edition CD: http://smarturl.it/Unisonic_LOF_CD

Special Ed. CD: http://smarturl.it/Unisonic_LOF_CD_Spec

2Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/Unisonic_LOF_2LP

Box-set: http://smarturl.it/Unisonic_LOF_Box

New interview with Kosta

Please check out this interview with Kosta Zafiriou, which contains some fan and fanclub questions regarding the new album and tour of Unisonic.

BURRN! 8月号002kkkkkkkkkkkkUnisonic Fanclub: After the release of the first album you announced that Unisonic will have an “active” year and then an “off” year. During the off year Unisonic would not be the priority but the band would still be partly active and would perform a couple of shows. During 2013 Unisonic was 100% “inactive”. Was this due to Kai’s heavy work with Gamma Ray? Will the same thing happen during the band’s second “off year” (2015)?

Kosta: Actually we will do the majority of touring within 2014. Nevertheless, 2015 we still will be available for indoor shows and summer festivals.


Unisonic Fanclub: For the first Unisonic album, Michael Kiske recorded his vocals alone in his home studio. Did this change for the 2nd album and don’t you think it would improve the team spirit to record together as a band?

Kosta: Michael prefers to record in his own environment and we all respect this wish. Still, he is open for any input from Dennis as the producer or from the band in general. Many times we´d go back to a recording and change things if someone comes up with a better idea. This happened with all instruments and arrangements and it is not limited to Michael´s vocals only.


Unisonic Fanclub: There are many people who think that in times of illegal downloads and too many bands/album releases floating the scene, a release of an EP should not be done anymore. Do you agree with this and what kind of benefit do you expect from releasing this EP?

Kosta: For the first record it simply was the very first sign of life from the band. For the second album it made sense because we wanted to have a small release out before the summer festivals – we were booked for several festivals before the album release, and we wanted to show the fans with 1-2 new songs which direction the album goes. With 4 additional live songs we think we have a very interesting package and offer „value for money“. Of course, an EP is always an item for the die had fans; the main focus always will be the full album.

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Magazine specials 2014 about Unisonic

Follow our magazine specials of international press about the new album here regularely:

Magazine Specials

Signed edition of Unisonic – Light of Dawn (limited 300)

Pre-order your copy of ‘Light of Dawn’ as an EMP exclusive and limited to 300 copies signed edition here:  EMP Store Germany or for International orders  EMP Store International

unisonic - light of dawn

Pre-order at iTunes and listen exclusively 2 new songs

Pre-order your copy of ‘Light of Dawn’ at iTunes Store and you will get exclusively already 2 of the new songs right now ‘Your time has come’ and ‘Exceptional’.


Unisonic co-headliner tour with Edguy in Japan



Unisonic are doing a double headliner tour with Edguy in Japan in the beginning of September and here are the dates:

Sep 2nd Tokyo: Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball
Sep 3rd Tokyo: Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball
Sep 4th Nagoya: Nagoya Bottom Line
Sep 6th Osaka: Umeda Club Quattro




Additionally Starchild, the new band of Sandro Giampietro is opening for Edguy and Unisonic during the upcoming European tour. So Michael Kiske and Sandro Giampietro together on tour, what a perfect package ‘Black&White Forever’.

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