Unisonic announce new album and EP ‘For The Kingdom’! (Update)

Two years after their celebrated debut album, German hard rock supergroup UNISONIC which includes Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, Dennis Ward, Mandy Meyer and Kosta Zafiriou is back with a new record that will be released on July 25th.

As a foretaste of their eagerly awaited sophomore album the band will release the EP ‘For The Kingdom’, which contains two new songs and four live tracks, on May 23rd.

The EP will come as CD, limited 12 inch vinyl, EP and digital download. Pre-order starting soon! The full album will be released on 27. July 2014


Update: EMP as first shop to pre-order new Unisonic EP ‘For the Kingdom’ as CD and 12 vinyl: EMP

The Japanese release date of the new Unisonic EP ‘For the Kingdom’ is 21. May 2014. You can pre-order the Japanese edition: cdJapan; Amazon; HMV; TSUTAYA; Rakuten









1 – For The Kingdom (brand new album track)
2 – You Come Undone (brand new EP exclusive track)
3 – Intro & Unisonic (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
4 – Never Too Late – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
5 – Star Rider – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
6 – Souls Alive – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)

12″ tracklisting
1- For The Kingdom (brand new album track)
2- Intro & Unisonic (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
3- Never Too Late – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
1- You Come Undone (brand new EP exclusive track)
2- Star Rider – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)
3- Souls Alive – (Live from Masters of Rock Festival 2012 in Czech Republic)


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News about a lost Unisonic song

You may ask yourself why I write here about Gamma Ray? Something very interesting happened and when you check the press announcement of the new Gamma Ray album ‘Empire of the Undead’ you may see it as well:

All in all there are 10 new songs (plus the two you already know from the EP – making 12 altogether) and the credits (number of compositions) are spread out like this: Michael Ehré (1), Dirk Schlächter (2, with one ballad), Henjo Richter (2), Kai Hansen (4), and Mandy Meyer (1, left from the first UNISONIC album).

During the recordings of the first Unisonic album, there were at least 2 songs unfinished at that time which did not end up on the album. This is what Kai said about the song:

…there’s one song which we did not finish because it was a bit too different and we had no place in this album. The song was not finished; it was an idea or demo of Mandy Meyer who did it with a friend. I really liked that song because it had a different “touch”, so I added a few vocals, but for time reasons we left it. I think it would fit better in Gamma Ray than in Unisonic.

The song is called ‘Built a World’ and is used as the European bonus track for ‘Empire of the Undead’ album. The credits in the booklet go to (Andy Portmann&Kai Hansen), so Mandy himself is not mentioned. Andy Portmann is a Swiss singer and songwriter of the former metal band  Ain’t Dead Yet, which had many musicians from Krokus. So he is the friend with whom Mandy Meyer wrote it as a demo. Some journalists compared that song in the reviews a little bit with Helloween’s ‘Departed’ and they liked it very much.


Here is the streaming of ‘Built a World’:


New mini interview with Kosta

Please check out this little mini interview with Kosta Zafiriou, which contains some fanclub questions regarding the new album and tour of Unisonic.


Unisonic Fanclub: Did you already talk about which songs worked best in first Unisonic tour and which did not work so well live?

Kosta: Of course, every band experiences which songs work live the best from their new album. In our case, this was even more intense, since it was our first record and most of the times we played the entire album. As a band, we discuss these experiences, but this does not mean we will follow only the audience´s reactions. Live, usually the straighter party songs work well, but nevertheless the more complex “listen and enjoy” songs are also an essential part of our songwriting.


Unisonic Fanclub: In the last tour you only played old Helloween classics written by Kai. Is there any chance that we’ll see songs like ‘Kids of the Century’ again from the first shows in 2010, or maybe a song like ‘Eagle Fly Free‘?

Kosta: Never say never, but we did not discuss yet which songs to play in the near future. Right now, we are fully focused on the album. After we finish the best possible album, we will think about the live set.


Unisonic Fanclub: After the release of the first Unisonic album, there was some complaining that the album is less heavy than the first teasing songs of the EP. Did you listen to such critics and can we expect a change with the upcoming release strategy?

Kosta: Unisonic never pretended to be a pure metal band. Nevertheless, the new album will be heavier. We grew as a band, and especially Michael rediscovered his love of metal again.


Unisonic Fanclub: In the first tour of Unisonic, Michael had a severe flu and the same happened in the Avantasia tour. Do you have any plans to avoid this in the future (if possible at all)?

Kosta: This is only human, besides protecting yourself there is nothing you can do.


Unisonic Fanclub: Please give us a little update about the Unisonic album release process and the upcoming tour, as far as you can do it at this point of time.

Kosta: This is really rough right now, but we are in the middle of the recording. The album will come in Summer, and in Fall/Winter we will tour. I can´t be more precise at this point and time.


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Update about new Unisonic album and tour

After a very silent year 2013, Unisonic are working on their 2nd album. In this process Michael Kiske, Mandy Meyer, Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou entered the Hofastudios in the beginning of January 2014 for the first time to do some early rehearsals. The 2nd rehearsal happened at the end of January 2014 with Kai Hansen completing the full line up at the follow-up rehearsal. Here you can see a picture of the 2nd rehearsal.


Yet untitled, the album will be released in summer. 2 months earlier, the band will release an EP with two brandnew tracks and 4 live songs.

Pic by Blaustall


VPstudio 1951.b


Günter Werno of the band Vanden Plas will be playing keyboards on the new Unisonic album, here you can read what Dennis Wards commented about it:

Full force now into the next Unisonic Production!!! I’ve never had such an efficient pre-production/songwriting session in my career. Unisonic is also proud to announce that onboard for this production we will be having Vanden Plas’s own Günter Werno working on the keyboards. I’ve done many many productions with Günter and I’m happy to have him with us. It’s always a pleasure. :)


Our Unisonic Fanclub asked a few questions to Kosta and Mandy lately, so here are some of these news:

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Kosta and Mandy answered more fanclub questions


kostatalianaUnisonic Fanclub:  Can you please give us an update what are you planning right now for Unisonic or what else are you doing in the near future?

Kosta: We officially started the production for the 2nd album in January. We will soon annonce the exact release date for the album.


Unisonic Fanclub: Are you planning more Unisonic tour dates apart from festivals, like a real tour, maybe as headliner?
Kosta: Yes, defintely, but it´s all in the planning right now and nothing confirmed yet.







MandyUnisonic Fanclub:  Dennis already commented that he wrote several songs for the next Unisonic album and Kiske wrote at least 3, did you write anything yet? Can you tell us something about the style?

Mandy: Until now, I have composed four new song ideas for Unisonic. Each of us adds ideas for Melodies, solo parts, middle parts, intros, outros, etc.. After the first pre-production session, which has initially taken place in January, we can say that Unisonic was very creative and efficient. We worked at 7 new songs in Hofastudio in Karlsdorf. At the end of January the second Pre-production session starts, where we will work on another 7-10 songs.


Unisonic fanclub: As Kai is busy with Gamma Ray until April, do you think that an EP release before July and an album release around November is more possible than a summer release for the album?

Mandy: Our goal is to release the CD in the first half of 2014. We should not have a problem to do this. We have Dennis (Fast as Lightning) Ward on board. He.he..


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Unisonic confirmed for Knock Out Festival 2014


UNISONIC will be part of the Knock Out Festival next year! 13.12.2014 Karlsruhe / Germany

Unisonic confirmed for Skogsröjet, Sweden 2014



Unisonic have been confirmed for Skogsröjet festival 2014 in Sweden. This festival is held from 1-2 August 2014. www.skogsrojet.se/

Unisonic confirmed to play Masters of Rock 2014

603565_318139381612528_1589591_nUnisonic are confirmed to play Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic in 2014. So Michael Kiske will play at this festival for the 5th following year. The first appearance was in 2010 with Unisonic, then in 2011 with Gamma Ray at the Winter Masters of Rock, in 2012 again with Unisonic and in 2013 with Avantasia.

Masters of Rock organizers write the following: “The first confirmed bands for the Masters of Rock 2014 Unisonic – Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen introduces a brand new album !” Click here

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