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The future of Unisonic


Hi to all UNISONIC fans!

As most of you have heard already, HELLOWEEN will team up with Kai & Michael for the PUMPKINS UNITED world tour 2017/2018.
Many, many fans all over the world have been waiting for this event for over 20 years, and with no doubt this will be a historical gathering in the metal universe! Being their musical legacy, this tour is very important for Michael & Kai, but we want to make clear that this is definitely NOT the end of UNISONIC!!!

We´ll take a break for a while and each one of us will continue his individual activities, but as soon as the PUMPKINS UNITED world tour is over we will close the line-up gap with a permanent drummer and start working on our third studio album.

UNISONIC will stay around!

(photo by Juan Salmeron)


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Dennis Ward statement about the future of Unisonic

According to Dennis Ward about the future of Unisonic, there won’t be any new Unisonic release before 2019

Time will tell if they will continue as band after the Helloween Reunion Tour 2017-2018



Source: Dennis Ward Official Facebook Page

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Pumpkins United Tour with Helloween, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen

Maybe most of you heard about the exciting news and that Helloween will go on tour together with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske from Unisonic as ‘Pumpkins United Tour’. Here is a small statement what our fanclub thinks about it:


“Greetings to all Unisonic Support Team Leaders and members!! It has been a very long time since we have made an official announcement. So, we wanted to keep in touch and give some news. As you may know, there was an official announcement this week from Helloween that Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske will be joining them for the Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/2018! This is exciting news for long-time fans of the early Helloween years, for a chance to see all original members play together once again!!  We can’t wait to ROCK with the Pumpkins!

On a more serious note,...

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