Mandy Meyer answered more fan questions

We continue with some more questions answered by Mandy Meyer, where he also talks a little bit about songwriting for the next Unisonic album. Please continue asking questions in our forum! 🙂

Question: Hello Mandy.First of all you rock! So what feeling came in your head last year in the South America tour? Was it last year your first one on these lands?

Mandy: The fans there are so enthusiastically into it. The euphoric response of the crowd was almost, as if there would be constantly a goal scored while a soccergame. It was the first time for me in southamerica.
Question: Dennis told lately that he will start songwriting for Unisonic at the end of the year. Are

Mandy Meyer


Armand “Mandy” Meyer was born August 29, 1960 in the City of Balcarres in Saskatchewan, Canada. In high school at the age of nine, Mandy started to play his first instrument, the marching drums. He then was a member of the local marching drums’ club for about seven years. But after having made his first musical experiences he caught fire and started to study classical guitar

Mandy Meyer-Young

At the age of fifteen, Mandy founded the local band Quarry together with a few friends. They had their first live performances on parties and in local clubs. In 1975 Mandy got himself a name in the Swiss music scene as lead singer and guitar player of the Swiss band BM Smith

The big …

Translation Mandy 2011

Unisonic is the name of Meyers new passion. “It’s an interesting project in which I participate for two years.” Since the band was founded by singer Michael Kiske (former Helloween singer) Meyer has been active as a guitarist. “I was surprised by him. I’m not a big fan of Helloween, but he has a strange  voice. “The Küssnacht means strange in a positive way and compares Kiske in the same league as Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.
Because of Unisonic Mandy Meyer is currently very often for rehearsing in Karlsruhe. “A lot goes is done by the computer. Especially in terms of songwriting.  “Actually, it nerves him to spend so much time on the computer.  “My eyes won’t do this …