Unisonic – ‘Light of Dawn’ album released in Japan today

Today on 23.07.2014 Unisonic’s new album ‘Light of Dawn’ was released in Japan in all stores. The album has different gifts, like a golden pick in first press or buttons in some shops. People who did not get their copy yet, can listen to samples at different pages:

Amazon samples: click here

Tower.jp samples: click here

E-onkyo samples: click here

HD-music samples: click here

Mora.jp samples: click here

Itunes samples: click here

Big Unisonic fanclub contest to win ‘Light of Dawn’ box set and more

I’m very proud to announce the Unisonic Fanclub contest to win several editions of the new album ‘Light of Dawn’.  To make this as fair as possible, there are 6 questions to be answered and a real Unisonic fan should know or find the answers. The goal is to answer all 6 questions and this would be the first price.  If there is more than one fan who answers all questions, we have to do a drawing. This may also happen, if no one answers all 6 questions and only 5 questions are correct etc.

Here are the prices:

1. price: 1 Unisonic ‘Light of Dawn’ Box Set including (the deluxe edition, the early demo cd, a 7 vinyl, a

Unisonic played at Masters of Rock festival on 13.07.2014

The 2nd show of Unisonic was done at Masters of Rock in Vizovice on 13.07.2014. It was their 3rd time they played there after 2010 and 2012.

The stage time was set to 20:45 and a signing session was done before at 19:00.They played over an 1 hour and more songs than the day before. There was also a premier for a completely new and not yet played song.


The setlist:01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. King For A Day
08. Exceptional
09. Throne Of The Dawn
10. March Of Time
11. Over The Rainbow
12. Souls Alive
13. We Rise
14. I Want Out_______________________

Unisonic played at Bang your head Festival on 12.07.2014

After an almost 2 years break, Unisonic entered for the first time again the stage at the Bang Your head festival in Balingen on 12.07.2014.

The stage time was set to 17:00 and they played around 1 hour. During the set, some rain started, but luckily only during a few songs.


The setlist:
01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. King For A Day
08. Exceptional
09. March Of Time
10. We Rise
11. I Want Out
Bang Your Head 2014 programVAIN     10:00
MORE     10:50
HIRAX     11:45
MAD MAX     12:40
EKTOMORF     13:45
ROB ROCK     14:50
OBITUARY     15:55
UNISONIC     17:00
ANTHRAX     18:20
EUROPE     19:40

New interview with Kosta

Please check out this interview with Kosta Zafiriou, which contains some fan and fanclub questions regarding the new album and tour of Unisonic.

Unisonic Fanclub: After the release of the first album you announced that Unisonic will have an “active” year and then an “off” year. During the off year Unisonic would not be the priority but the band would still be partly active and would perform a couple of shows. During 2013 Unisonic was 100% “inactive”. Was this due to Kai’s heavy work with Gamma Ray? Will the same thing happen during the band’s second “off year” (2015)?

Kosta: Actually we will do the majority of touring within 2014. Nevertheless, 2015 we still will be available for indoor shows