History of the Souls Alive Official Unisonic Fanclub

I guess it started in June 2010 when I first registered for the Wishes fly Free Michael Kiske Fanclub run by Dani. I had been visiting this great done page already for several years, because I have been a fan for around 20 years, but sadly didn’t have the time to participate as an active member due to several difficult situations in my life. After joining Where wishes Fly Fanclub, I had several good collaborations with Dani and I found it quite sad when he decided in 2011 to quit the fanclub.

I was not sure if anyone else would continue this important work for Michael Kiske and I thought keeping information updated is the most important thing for fans. So I quickly decided to do a homepage of my own and the was the birth of Kiskesonic in May 2011. First I thought that I would only do a German page but I found out quickly that there are so many fans around the world and an English page would be the first choice.

In late 2011 Unisonic also found my page and we got in contact about doing an official fanclub. The Kiskesonic page was too much Michael Kiske oriented so I created a new one, the Souls Alive Official Fanclub Webpage. I have to thank Dani for lots of help with ideas and creating logos. I also want to thank Stephanie for great ideas for the fanclub and running the Official Fanclub Facebook Page. Additionally many thanks to Jutta for the chance to include this fanmade work into the Official Webpage. So I hope all of you enjoy this page and if you have any ideas, please feel free to send me a message.


Fanclub Staff


Brigitte (Nightangel)                 Founder of Souls Alive Official Unisonic Fanclub, Manager, Admin
Dani (Lifh) Collaborator, News Specialist
Stephanie (Elvenbeauty) Editor of Souls Alive Official Unisonic Fanclub and Admin of Facebook
Dionysis (AngelCryGr) Editor of Souls Alive Official Unisonic Fanclub and Admin of Facebook


You can contact the fanclub at this address:






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