We are very proud to announce the Unisonic Fanclub contest to win a rare Japanese collaboration T-Shirt of Unisonic & Edguy, 5 T-Shirts of Unisonic and 4 signed editions of the new album ‘Light of Dawn’.  To make this as fair as possible, there are 6 questions to be answered and a real Unisonic fan should know or find the answers. The goal is to answer all 6 questions and this would be the first price.  If there is more than one fan who answers all questions, we have to do a drawing. This may also happen, if no one answers all 6 questions and only 5 questions are correct etc.



DSCI0002Here are the prices:

1. price: Japanese collaboration T-Shirt of Unisonic & Edguy Tour in Japan 2014 in size L + 1 collaboration towel

2. – 6. price: Unisonic T-Shirt of the album ‘Light of Dawn’ in size M or L

7. – 10. price: Unisonic ‘Light of Dawn’ jewel case (signed by the band)



Send the answers to this email: nightangel@unisonicfanclub.com


The contest will end on 12.10.2014 at 24:00 and the items will be shipped around 1 week later after getting the address of all winners.


Here we go with the 6 questions:

1. Which is the first song ‘officially released’ by Unisonic?

2. Who is the designer of the cover artwork?

3. Which musician did an interview with Michael Kiske in 1995 and why?

4. Which band/project have/had more members of Unisonic playing together?

5. Which country/countries will not have meet&greet during this tour?

6. Who had the idea for the band name Unisonic?