Michael Kiske – Vocals

Kai Hansen – Guitars

Mandy Meyer – Guitars

Dennis Ward -Bass

Kosta Zafiriou – Drums




P1000598On November 10, 2009, Michael formed the band Unisonic together with Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou who visited Michael to discuss the idea of forming a band in Hamburg. On suggestion of Dennis Ward, the former Krokus guitarrist Mandy Meyer was included to the band. They decided to use a different band name with Unisonic and not the known name Place Vendome to guarantee more freedom in contract issues. Unisonic began their first tour in June 2010, playing some warm-up shows in Germany and performing at Sweden Rock Festival and Masters Of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic as well. During this tour the first Unisonic song “Souls Alive” written by Mandy Meyer was played as well as several Place Vendome tracks and some old Helloween classics written by Michael Kiske.

In March 2011, Kai Hansen joined the band and they did their first gig together at Loud Park Festival in Saitama near Tokyo in October 2011. During this show they played 2 new Unisonic songs “Unisonic” and “My Sanctuary”, while a 3rd new track had to be cancelled due to time delay in the beginning of the show. Unisonic is scheduled to release its debut album in 2012, followed by a South American tour, several festival appearances and more live dates to follow.