The show of Unisonic was done at Leyendas del Rock in Villena, Spain on 09.08.2014. It was their 1st time they played at this festival.

The stage time was set to 01:05 in the night.They played an 1 hour with a similar setlist than before.



The setlist:01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
08. Exceptional
07. King for a Day
08. Throne Of The Dawn
09. March Of Time
10. We Rise
11. I Want Out____________________
Running Order Leyendas del Rock Festival:
20:55 Hammerfall
22:15 Volbeat
23:50 Warcry
01:05 Unisonic


My comments: “This festival in Spain was done in a nice location in a little desert like area. So quite high temperatures during the day, but luckily some shelter from the sun under a tent. Official Unisonic shirts were sadly not sold at this festival.

After international acts like Hammerfall and Volbeat (who both had very good sound), Unisonic started their concert around 01:05, when the temperatures were nice. The setlist was similar to ‘Bang your Head’ festival with around 1 hour playing time. Michael Kiske did one of his best vocal performances during of the whole festival tour until now, but sadly there were several sound problems. The vocals could hardly be heard, even from good positions in the middle. Also the bass drums were too loud, which reduced the overal good performance. Another weak point that was out of the reach of the band, was the light on stage. Most lights were not used during the performance of Unisonic and they were completely in the dark for most of the part of their show, even during guitar solos. I later heard there were some technical problems, which could not be resolved during the concert.




Throne of the Dawn + March of Time:

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