Mandy Meyer answered first questions in our Q&A section.

You probably noticed that we opened a new section Q&A, where fans can ask questions to the Unisonic guys and after Michael answered some questions, now it is the turn of Mandy. I’m thankful the guys found some time to answer our questions, because all of them are really very busy.

Dennis Ward is recording and producing the new Place Vendome record right now, promoting and touring for the new Pink Cream 69 album and additionally doing some other productions. Mandy Meyer is working with Krokus who just released a new album as well. Kai Hansen is right now on the Hellish Rock Tour Part 2 with Gamma Ray and they have just released a new EP ‘Master of Confusion’ today. After finishing the tour, they will work on a new full lenght album. Michael Kiske is recording the new Place Vendome album, before he joins Avantasia on their world tour. Additionally he recorded songs for Timo Tolkki’s Avalon and the Italian band Infinita Symphonia. Kosta Zafiriou is the tour manager for the Hellish Rock tour with Gamma Ray  and Helloween.


Here are some excerpts of Mandy’s answers:

Question: Mandy mentioned in an interview that he finds it hard to compose songs for Kiske’s voice and that it is easier for him to compose songs for a voice like David Coverdale’s. Could you explain this a little more? Have you began songwriting for Unisonic?

Mandy: “That´s because I was used for decades to compose songs for very blues-soul sort of rock voices like Jimmy Jamison or James Christian. I kind of had to learn about Michis vocal style in order to write music that makes sense for our Unisonic style.”


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