26.04.15 – Brazil, São Paulo, Monsters of Rock 


The setlist:

1. Venite 2.0
2. For the kingdom
3. Exceptional
4. Star Rider
5. Your Time Has Come
6. When The Deed Is Done
7. King For a Day
8. Throne of the dawn
9. March Of Time
10. I Want Out

11. Unisonic

Running Order
Monsters of Rock 2015, Brazil

Random Photo from the show

running_order_monstersorrock12015 monstersofrock2015-hansen-kiske-zafiriou


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São Paulo, Monsters of Rock  26.04.2015


Star Rider

I Want Out

Press stuff

A little summary from a review by Lizandra Pronin and Territorio Da Musica:

“The show started 20 minutes late because of the previous delays.
The interaction of the band with the audience was warm, with the vocalist asking for palms and being serviced.
At one point, the crowd started to scream the typical “ole, ole, Kiske”, which made the singer proud.
“Exceptional,” “King for a Day,” “Star Rider” – with a passage sung by Kai Hansen – “Your Time Has Come” and “Unisonic” were some of the songs the band played. After 30 minutes of show, came the awaited moment: “This is from the time I had long hair,” Kiske announced before the band played “March of Time”, from Heloween. Following came “I Want Out”, sung outloud by the audience.”

(Thanks to the Unisonic Support Team South America for the translation)

Here is the link: http://www.territoriodamusica.com/rockonline/monsters/?c=39082


Another summary of a review by Marcia Pezenti and Estadao:

“Unisonic went to the stage and the fans already started clapping.
Loved by the public, Unisonic made a presentation full of energy.
During this presentation the band has proved that they have a lot of loyal fans in Brazil, which vibrated with this exciting show.
The Germans closed the show with the “Unisonic” song, sung by the public.”

(Thanks to the Unisonic Support Team South America for the translation)

Here is the link: http://cultura.estadao.com.br/blogs/radar-cultural/depois-do-show-apatico-de-malmsteen-unisonic-faz-publico-cantar-no-monsters-of-rock/


Summary of the review by Lucas Krempel and Blog N’ Roll:

“Kiske gave a particular show at Anhembi. He lay on the stage, told jokes and interacted with fans thru the whole presentation.
The well preserved vocals of Kiske, in addition to Kai Hansen guitar’s solos were enough to keep the public in front of the stage. The final step was outstanding.
Before the start of “King For A Day”, Kiske asked the fans to raise their hands. All serious, waiting for the orders of the “king” when the singer makes his joke, “Fine hands. Seriously, beautiful hands ” and the audience laughs.
Sure he had the audience in his hands. Kiske made the fans crazy after the announment of the classical March Of Time. I Want Out , was everything the audience was expected to end the historical show of Unisonic in Sao Paulo”

(Thanks to the Unisonic Support Team South America for the translation)

Here is the link: http://blogs.atribuna.com.br/blognroll/2015/04/metal-alemao-do-unisonic-e-accept-comanda-tarde-do-monsters-of-rock/