Video interview with Kai Hansen and Dennis Ward of Unisonic (official) by (Recorded during Masters of Rock Festival – July):


A few important quotes:

Dennis about the influence of Kai in Unisonic after joining: “The songwriting really change. At the beginning we were quite insecure and tried out many things. After Kai entered we immediately found our style. We rehearsed as a real band and we wrote the songs like a real band. We also set a time limit for most things and then entered the studio.”

Kai about playing old songs and more metal songs in the future: “I don’t have a problem playing a song which was written while I was still in the other band, it doesn’t matter for me. Since I have written these songs, it is definately ok. After we made the record and played live, Michi came to me and said, if you have another song in the style of March of Time, really write such a song….we are just able to write in any style from pop to metal.”