New hardharderheavy interview with Mandy Meyer und Dennis Ward from Unisonic in Bochum. Check the interview  here.

Interviewer: Asked about playing first in South America:


Dennis: It just happened.


Mandy: Then there are immediately some videos filmed and uploaded to youtube. I like this and it’s good for people who don’t know the songs so much yet. Now we are in Germany.



Interviewer: with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen this is almost a Helloween reunion.


Mandy: It’s ok to use some popularity of Kiske&Hansen, but it is also important not playing too many old songs since Helloween&Gamma Ray always play the same old songs as well.


Dennis: We don’t want to do speed metal. We want to sound different from Gamma Ray and Helloween.


Interviewer about the first Unisonic album: it starts quite heavy and then it is really less heavy for the following songs.


Dennis immediately interrupts: I will not do more heavy stuff in the future.
I don’t want this. If Michael and Kai want to do a metal record, we are definitely the wrong people for it. They can do it with better people. We have nothing to do with metal. I can play a Helloween song, that is not a problem, but this is not my world. Only to earn some more money, I don’t want to do heavy metal, I never did this. I would fool myself. I want to do rock music.


Mandy adding: if you have 2 bands with Gamma Ray and Unisonic, you need to have a difference in the music.


Dennis: some years ago Kiske didn’t want to do this kind of music and it was too heavy for him. Now he is more relaxed with it, but we don’t want to do more heavy stuff.


Dennis about Kosta: He is not a speed metal drummer. Now we are skipping the song ‘March of time’ and Kosta told me that he now much more enjoyed going on stage, since he doesn’t have to play that song. It is not his world. If Michael really wants to do this kind of music there are much younger and fitter people to do this.


Mandy about Stefan Schwarzmann: He was in Helloween and it was also not his world. It was too fast.


Dennis: I’m not against this music and I even produced it, but I don’t want to play it. I want to do the music for myself.


Dennis about the future: After these last concerts, Kai goes on a long tour with gamma ray. In this time me, Mandy and Michael will try to write some songs already. We plan to record the next record in autumn next year. That is our plan.