Michael Kiske did an interview for the Brazilian Facebook group Faces In The Night where he talked about Unisonic and more things. Here are a few excerpts:


Kiske about different opinions about Unisonic style in the band: “Of course they are; as always in any band. Dennis, Kosta and Mandy are coming more from the rock side while Kai is plain metal, and I am very open, as long as it is not satanic or negative. My music-taste goes from metal to rock to pop, from classical music to irish folk or even country sometimes etc. I can listen to an Iron Maiden record and enjoy it as much as an Elvis or Cara Dillon CD. Anything with soul and heart and honesty I can get a kick out. We all have different tastes, but we are grown up enough to get it all together most of the time. So it’s very open how the next album will turn out. It’s not really that we make an abstract plan and write songs in that direction; it’s more a ‘collecting-ideas-phase’ and let the songs happen the way they work best. Sometimes a song only works when you play it faster and dirtier, or the opposite. A record usually just happens. But since we are all very different individuals in the band, I am sure it will be a mix of styles again. If Kai comes up with metal track that is working, we sure will do it. The same goes for other stuff.

Kiske about recording a live-DVD: “Very possible; it’s always fun to play South America. But I also was pretty surprised about Spain and Japan and some other places. It was almost as wild; but only almost!


Dennis Ward did also an interesting interview for the Spanish site Mariskalrock.com, here are some excerpts:


Dennis about how Unisonic was created: “Kai joined the band because he wanted to do something with Michael (Kiske), and Michael wanted to do something with us. There was not a lot of history and it was really easy. Some time ago since I told Michael it would be interesting to do something like what we’re doing now.

Dennis about the next album of Unisonic: “I always have ideas but I have not starting working on new songs. While Kai will be busy on the road the next year I will do. Before the end of this year (2012) I will have some things done but I will definately start workin’ the next year writting new songs for Unisonic. I will start to compose on January…. when Kai will finish the tour we will get back together to write also more songs and rehearsal. The plan is to do it in the Fall and we try to have the new album in early 2014.