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Unisonic in Sao Paulo Brazil on 18.05.2012

As announced earlier Unisonic will start their tour in South America to promote the new album. One of the first announced dates is in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the HSBC Brasil concert hall on 18.05.2012. The concert hall has a capacity of 4.000 people. At this moment we don’t know if this will be the first show in South America, but they plan to do only one concert in Brazil. Only if this show will be sold-out, chances are high on getting a second date, as far as there are free dates on the concert hall’s scedule.

Additional sources say they are playing this show with the opener Gotthard and it will be the first shows with their new singer

First samples of Unisonic’s Ignition Mini Album

You can listen to the first short samples of the songs from Unisonic’s Ignition Mini Album here at amazon:

The import version of Ignition seems to be delayed to 14.02.2012.

There is also the chance to preorder the import version of the full album which will be available on 3. April 2012 from amazon (please keep in mind this is the import version, the regular European version is still sceduled for the 23. March 2012):

Here you can order the strictly limited colored vinyl version of Ignition Mini Album: