Kiske (5:30): I just remember around Christmas time in 2010, I was writting an email to Kosta: “what will you think if Kai Hansen would join in Unisonic?”… and he said: “that will be awesome, great…” but it was not planned…”

Kiske (9:40): “To me, Helloween around the Keeper it was my life, I loved it… and how it ended I didn’t want to hear anything about the music industry anymore… started in the public to convince the fans that it was a great idea to kick me out…”

Kiske (17:00): “It might be another Place Vendome album, we already talk about it, we want to do a third one, maybe the next year. We are sneaking a 3rd Place Vendome record.”

Kiske (20:39): “If I would have to record the vocals with Dennis and he said: “tomorrow at 4 o’clock we will do vocals”, but what if I don’t feel like singing tomorrow at 4 o’clock… but then I would be professional doing vocal takes… everything I’m doing musically is basically on instint.”

Kiske (19:20): “I personally think it can be a good thing if the singer need guiance. I don’t need it. I feel most confortable to work on my own… I’m open for suggestions, the melody, how to sing… whatever… as long I could follow the suggestions… but if I don’t know how to sing a song, who does? when you do the things you don’t feel it is not convincing, the singer have to do that…

Kiske about “the reunion” (27:40): “…I forgive but I don’t forget… I don’t see the same stage with him, I would not even think about it.”

Kiske (24:18): I don’t want to be unfair with Helloween but when Kai and I, we play ‘Future World’ it sounds more than the original song.”

Kiske (31:20): “…I would not be here without Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford…I don’t think I sound like them, I learn from them but I think I have an own spirit.”