About to make a second videoclip, using live footage:

Kiske: “Yeah, probably they filmed that stuff (Masters of Rock festival, Czech Republic) and we might use some of then.” Kiske to Kosta: “Is there another video in the planning?” Kosta: “Yes, with the live stuff.

About sound problems at Rockwave festival in Greece:

Kiske: “The things on festival is you don’t have soundcheck… you store in and basically have a rough… whatever information to the sound guy what you want and then go though it.  It was the most caotic gig I ever had, I had the microphone off and it was off again after a while, I don’t know how it sounded on front but on stage it was a totally chaos but that’s the way it happened. Festivals is not like when you had your own shows, we do soundchecks and everything is set up the way you want.” Dennis Ward: “I’m the fired guy, I burnt up my amplifier on stage.” Kiske: “I think Kai’s guitar died too.” Dennis:”My burnt up“. Kiske: “And here (Masters of Rock festival) is the totally opposite, no soundcheck but the sound was great. It can happen too.

About some die-hard metal fans who could felt attacked by his statements about metal.

Kiske: “I stand everything I’ve said when I critized that side of idealize evil I’m totally against that and I’m also against certains ways of treating music like being against creativity and if anybody get piss off by that I’m fine I just speak my mind. I never hated metal I always loved the stuff I grew up with but I have to say I had a wrong picture of the metal scene. I was off for 17 years and there was some negative stuff coming in my direction and I created a unfair image of the metal scene. But as soon as I started to play with Unisonic live again and I got in touch with the audience I just noticed that most of the metal fans are sweet people. Everything that I said it still fits I still stand for but I have a much more positive image. I don’t have any problem with learning and to say I was a bit wrong or whatever or I want too far here, I stand for the moral stuff I was talking about and if anybody was piss about that I don’t care, they are free to get piss about it and I’m free to speak my mind.

About more tourdates this year or in 2013:

Kosta: “For this year it will gonna stay like this, everything we just planned right now and of course it has to do with the timing and the schedule of each individual. We all have lots of things already decided and it’s not easy to get the timing for that.  The next year we will see, we’re open, of course Kai will do with Gamma Ray but we still gonna play some shows, some festivals, so Unisonic will still be active.

Unisonic could make some shows at States? 70.000 tons of metal cruise for example?

Kosta: “If they invite us, but first of all the promoter has to come up and invite the band, make an offer and bring them up there and if this offer makes sense, we are open to play anywhere. Of course we would love to, of course we would love to play for the North American fans, we played for the South America fans, we left of the North American fans, but we work on that.

Michael Kiske about the progress of his next solo album (the 6th):

Kiske: “It might not be doing… I don’t think I will be doing another solo record, it will be something else. I’m actually planning to make something different with Sandro Giampietro together. It’s quite different, as usual, everything I had released was always very different but now Sandro function as the producer. I want him being the producer because he is very capable. So it will be another record coming out but it will be different, it will not be like the past Kiske records it will be something else. About the sound, it’s more rock but it’s like a big kind of sound.. I can’t find a description for it.. not really symphonic but is the kind of sound very up-lifting and big somehow… with electric guitars, Sandro is guitarist but it’s hard to describe but I’m really happy about it.

About the album Kiske/Somerville, who was the first option to be the female singer:

Kiske: “If I remember well, there was another vocalist in plan, she is in a band but the band members didn’t like the idea of she would do that. I don’t remember who it was. You would have to ask Serafino (Frontiers Record’s owner) who it was. I don’t know I think it was a Gothic band but I’m really happy that it turned out to be Amanda Somerville.