September 2014

quite interesting interview:

The new ‘Break Out’ magazine (German edition) features an interview with Unisonic (official) with some interesting facts and additionally a very good album review for ‘Light of Dawn’. Here are some translated excerpts:

Kiske about meeting the other band members for the first time: “It was a little different for me and I didn’t know Mandy before. I met Kosta for the first time in 2009 at a Helloween concert in Hamburg. This was a first attempt of him to find out more about me and how I think about certain things. Later Kosta asked me if I would be interested in this band. He is also the manager of Helloween and so this just happened.”

Kiske about the future:” I will put all my energy into Unisonic for the rest of the year. I’m more motivated than ever. If they listened to me, we would do big things. For example we could let a big ‘U’ Spaceship from the cover fly over the stage and light it with spotlights. Wouldn’t this be cool? I guess the costs would be too high for the record label, no idea, what they think about something like that. Apart from this there are some recordings to be done for the 2nd Kiske/Somerville album, but I don’t know when it will be released. In addition Tobi Sammet already asked as well for another Avantasia and I think this will be a topic for next year. We can already talk about this during the upcoming tour.”

Kiske about another song on the new album covering a serious topic:” I can reassure you and there is the song ‘Blood’ with very personal lyrics. It is about the thesis or in my opinion the fact, that many of our decisions and ways of acting are native and entailed to us. They are connected to our blood. In earlier years we had these blood blonds in Germania and also blood vengeance was part of the daily life. We life now in a society where these kind of things are not present anymore, but there are still parts of our society where it happens. Family love is also important for it. I had the idea for this song after a very severe conflict with my brother in which he showed reactions of our father. He was an alcoholic until he died and sometime he was unpredictable, so love was very low in our family. I don’t want to say that my brother is an alcoholic, but he showed some reactions which were similar to the reactions of my father and this shocked me very much. I guess the blood of my father became overhand in this situation. Thanks god, we settled down the dispute a little later.”

Kiske about who decides which songs are on the album:”This is a band decision. Normally we agree within a short time, because we hear which song works and which won’t. In a few cases when we are not sure about it, I have the final decision, because I have to sing the songs. This was only 2 times the case on both albums.”

Dennis about writing songs:”I’m normally the guy who writes a few more songs than necessary and keep them for later. …’I come undone’ for example is from the recordings of the first album and was finally used for the EP ‘For the Kingdom’.”

Dennis about recording a live DVD:”Technically this is not a problem, but the financial situation is a different one. Big festivals like Masters of Rock and bang your head record the shows and offer the recordings to the bands for money. I don’t know how expensive this is, but I guess it is not too much and may be worth the investment. There are also some ‘procams’ which are very small and can be placed on stage. They record in very high quality. But I think shooting a live DVD after only 2 albums is too early, but it is a topic which will be discussed.”


Rock Hard (German edition) of September 2014 has an interview with Unisonic, some personal tour notes of Kai Hansen and a live review of ‘Bang your Head’ festival. Here are some translated excerpts of the interview, which had of course a ‘Helloween reunion’ as topic again:

Michael about the background of ‚When the deed is done‘:“‘The deed is done‘ deals with an executioner. In the USA there is still death penalty and we are asking ourselves how the person doing this job can live with it. These persons are murdering people in the name of the law. We don’t want to relate to a position pro or contra death penalty and instead try to imagine what an executioner thinks. I’m sure people doing this job are not in general bad persons. It is also very interesting how they came to this kind of job. I could never do this. Before doing such a job, I would rather starve. “

Michael about ‘Not gonna take anymore’: This song has nothing to do with Twisted Sisters ‘We’re not gonna take it’, despite that the title sounds similar. ‘Not gonna take anymore’ is more serious. By the way a little anecdote: Dee Sniders brothers interviewed me. This was really very funny and both look quite similar. At that time we were on promo tour in the USA with Helloween and he worked for a radio station.”

Michael about the never ending topic Helloween:” At the moment this topic is very present again. This is because of the band itself, because they are always telling a lot of nonsense. I can tell you that I made peace with this topic. I was really annoyed when someone mentioned this topic in the 90’s. I made a lot of bad experiences back then, because a lot of my statements were used out of context and then I really got very angry. I’m a guy who tells his opinion, but I never hated my past in Helloween. Especially the first 4 years when Kai was in the band were great. If things would have stayed this way, everything would have been perfect, but sadly things turned negative the following years. Nowadays I don’t have any problems with the whole story anymore. However, I’m not interested in any reunion; I think Unisonic is much better! We like each other and we already gather a big part of the old creative force of Helloween. I don’t see a reason for a reunion. But I must admit that I don’t have any negative feelings again the band anymore. I met Michael Weikath last year at Sweden Rock (nightangel: it was at Hellfest ) and it was great. This was very important for me and showed me that I have dealt with the whole story. There were times in the past, when I would have put my hands on his neck.”


The new Rock it magazine (German) of September 2014 features an interview with Unisonic (official), a review with a rating of 9/10, a soundcheck in which Unisonic – ‘Light of Dawn’ got 4th place, a live review of Bang your head and Masters of Rock, where they liked the performances very much.





The new German Rocks magazine 5-2014 of September has an interview with Unisonic, a review where they rated it 5,5/6 and a big advertising for the tour of Unisonic/Edguy/Starchild.

Michael Kiske about Tobias Sammet for whom he returned to metal with Avantasia:”Probably without him, Unisonic would not exist”.









The latest German Metal Hammer edition of September 2014 features a Bang your Head live report including the performance of Unisonic. Also the tour of Unisonic/Edguy/Starchild is featured as ‘Tour of the Month’.









Metal Hammer (Greek edition) of September 2014 has a review about Bang Your Head Festival, where Unisonic played live this year. Here are some translated excerpts of the review (written by Kostas Lyros):

Someone could smell from miles the upward breeze at the camp of Unisonic (8), and that’s why someone must bring them in Greece, NOW! We witnessed the live premiere of “For The Kingdom”, and “Exceptional”, while our eyes filled with tears with the “March of Time” and “I Want Out”.







August 2014

The new magazine Deaf Forever (German edition) for August 2014 features an interview with Michael Kiske from Unisonic (official), an advertising, a review, where they rated it 8,5/10 and a soundcheck with an 24th place (Judas Priest was 34th place )

Here are a few little excerpts since the interview doesn’t feature new statements.

Kiske about making peace with his Helloween past: “Yes, I did it indeed. The fantastic touring and the spirit of the cool metal fans worldwide made it possible. The reason back then was mainly personal things and bad experiences. Last year at Sweden Rock (nightangel: it was at Hellfest ) I even spoke to Mister Weikath and I was very calm when I did it. A few years ago this could have been dangerous. Now everything is fine. It is important not to carry anger too long inside of your heart.”

Kiske regarding the changing of music culture and musicians changing according to this:” No, not really. Because this would mean the fake musicians would be more successful than the true musicians. I don’t believe this. But you must accept less income as musician and maybe one day retreat if the fans don’t support music culture and the life of the musicians anymore. It gets more difficult to produce high value CDs, because not enough people support CDs nowadays. This must change very soon! If the fans don’t support Unisonic in the way we need it, we won’t be able to do more CDs, because I won’t do any fast food records. A generation, who is too anti social to support a music culture, doesn’t deserve a music culture at all.”


June/July 2014

The new Legacy magazine (Germany) number 4/2014 features an interview with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward, an advertising and a review for the EP ‘For The Kingdom’.

Legacy 4/2014Here are some translated excerpts from what Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward said:


Kiske about his return to old Helloween style:

“I did want to do this for years and thought it would be stupid to do this kind of music. Now I’m together with Kai in a band again and so it is believable to do it. For years the fans are complaining that I don’t play this kind of music anymore and when I do it again, they are complaining as well-they just keep their mouth!”


Kiske asked about Unisonic being an all-star project:

“We are working like a real band and everyone collects his ideas. Then you have an idea while sitting at the toilet, while reading a paper or while ironing your clothes. Then you scream it on your iPhone and check what can be done with it. You send the files to everyone else to listen to it. Later you meet each other in the traditional way in the studio to arrange the songs until everyone is happy with it. Then you can record a demo for it.”


Kiske and Dennis about the first solo album being not straight forward:

“Somewhere you have to start and you cannot tour with any album and you cannot grow as a band. This just happens this way and the first album was also very well received. There are many people who really like it – I also agree that it was a good album. The 2nd album is now better and I hope the 3rd will be even better. Then we improved 2 times and this is a great basis for everything else. ..We will then play a headliner tour around the world and we will headline all big festivals. Then we can make again bad albums and play the last live show at cologne dome, of course before a reunion will happen. (joking)”


Kiske about Unisonic being just a support for Edguy:

“I think they deserved being headliner. In Japan it will be probably different, it is just in discussion. We are selling more records there and so we will play after them, but as double headliner with the same running time. Here in Europe we have to confirm that we are still a new band, despite that we are as musicians already very long in this business. Edguy is a band that worked on his fanbase and Tobias is very successful also with Avantasia. Of course there are several places where we could also headline, but Kosta as our manager wants us to start a little slower and wait for the album release and see how well the album is received. Maybe next year a bigger tour is possible…there are countries in which we have to work on our status, for example Germany especially. In Germany our last album was not so well received and in other countries it worked much better. Yes, in Germany we still have to achieve more. I think this is because of the country itself and you need more time to convince the people. Germany is always a special case. Also the support tour for Gotthard was not the ideal package. It was the wrong audience for us. I think the tour with Edguy fits much better….”



The new Burrn magazine (Japanese edition) of July/August 2014 features an interview with Unisonic (official), an advertising and a review for the new album ‘Light of Dawn’ who rated it in cross review with 8,5 / 9,3 and 9,1 of 10







The new Classic Rock magazine (German edition) of July/August 2014 features an interview with Unisonic (official) and a review for the new album ‘Light of Dawn’ with the first official rating of 8/10.

collageHere are some translated excerpts what Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward said:


Kiske about possible difficulties between Mandy Meyer and Kai Hansen regarding songwriting:
“Not at all, they are so different like coming from different planets. They are not able to fight.” Dennis adds: ”except loudness, then they say, make me as loud as him.”

Dennis about having written most of the new material:
“I don’t have any problems when I don’t write any song and the other members write the songs. This time it just happened this way.” Kiske adds: ”when 3 out of 4 like a new song, then the song is probably really good. It doesn’t matter who wrote the song. The opposite way when a song is only recorded that someone in the band has added something, makes no sense. Egos doesn’t help, only quality matters.”

Kiske about recording his songs in his own studio:
“There is a completely different rhythm with sending the files around. There are completely different moods than when you have to function in the studio on command… Sometimes I don’t like to sing. Then I have to start with a few Elvis tunes to get the vocal cords working. I don’t understand colleagues who are not doing any warm-up singing, because they think it would harm their voice. Athletes also warm-up before any event and singing is a high performance sport. Warm-up singing is like a massage for the voice.”

Kiske about the recording process and his voice:
” Everything is working a little different now. This is the result of a different recording process; we are playing the songs many times, before we record them-I really missed this a lot. The most significant change is regarding my voice with ongoing age. Earlier my voice sounded thin, now it sounds much thicker. The vocal cords got harder, this is a natural process and this is also the reason why you always need to work with your voice. Elvis for example sang every day some gospel songs and some other stuff to keep his voice flexible. He had success with it and even when he was thick, his voice sounded good.”

Kiske about doing all 2 days a fast day:
“We must recognize that animals are not objects and no products. They have feelings, a consciousness and a soul like us.”


The new Break out magazine (German edition) of August 2014 features a studio report of Unisonic (official), a review of ‘For the Kingdom’ EP and an advertising.

Here are some translated excerpts what Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward said:


Dennis about the recording process:
“We started writing and collecting songs in December 2013…then we met as a band 2 times for always 4 days in Karlsruhe to record and finish the songs. This was different to the first album, because these days brought us the real band feeling. The production itself was done very fast, because you must keep in mind that most musicians are busy with other bands/projects. Kai was busy with Gamma Ray until the last days, Michael was travelling with Avantasia, Mandy with Krokus and Kosta as the manager of Helloween also has a lot of things to do.”

Kiske about the album:
“I wrote 3 songs for the album, but the band itself gets the songwriting credits, because they all worked on the final result. This happened during the days we met at the studio. ..We are feeling as a unit and I will put my whole energy in the next months into Unisonic. I’m really very motivated for Unisonic and have a lot of ideas for the future.”

Kiske asked about a ballad on the new album like ‘No one ever sees me’:
“Don’t worry, you will hear a ballad on the album and it is one of the songs that I wrote. It is called ‘Blood’. The song has a very personal text and is one of the calmer ones.”