Kiske: “… when Kai left, everthing changed around us (Helloween), things it would not work like before and I got an influence very negative of one person who was against me…”

Kiske: “… When a band find a line-up which works they should not change it. You can find the best musician on the earth that if you have lost the magic it would not work that happened in Helloween…”

Kiske: “…I hope with Unisonic I would have the change of living again the emotion that music can give. I want to make tours and I want to have fun with my best friends.”

Kiske: “I think it was a big mistake (talking about Kai) to left the band! For my opinion, in that momento he had a lot of problems in his personal life and he had fear to be too much busy with the band. But it was curious because soo fast he did another tour with Gamma Ray and he still make it often as we made in Helloween. I should stay in teh band, and if he would make, “one certain person” would not make dangers things.”

Journalist: when started the problems after Kai departure?
Kiske: “Let me explain like this: when Kai was in the band Ingo was always with him, Markus was always with Ingo and I loved Kai but I was with Weikath because he was who wanted me in the band. And when Kai left everthing changed with discussions with all parts, any excuse was right to have problems.”

Journalist: I always thought all this years could help to forget the problems in the past, do you think you could arrange the problems with Weikath?
Kiske: “Pfffff, In all this years we didn’t talk and being honest, I don’t think it would happen. I didn’t hate him but I don’t care about him. If I would meet him and if he behave properly (very improbable) I would be the last person in not shaking him the hand. If it would depend on me, I would be in peace with the whole world. But he loves manipolate to the people to “sell his album”. But at the end, everything is turning against him.

Kiske: “… The only negative thing of being older is I need to warm up the voice for at least half hour before the show. And I also need a better physical shape to be able to stand the efforts during the show. I’m making a lof of jogging and in the last year I’ve lost easy 10 kilos.”


New Kiske interview in Break Out magazine (April/May/June):

…the journalists and fans were really wondering when a quite little sensation could be watched via Youtube before Christmas. Unisonic played a fantastic concert in Tokyo at the Loud park festival and who was standing on stage? Kai Hansen, former band mate of Michael Kiske from Helloween times!!!This was a very big surprise….

Kiske about Kai joining Unisonic:” …I think this was destiny and I later asked myself, why I didn’t have the idea from the beginning, haha! To be true, we needed another creative force and Kai was the missing link, he added the special thing to the songs, also with a lot of his own material….It only took around 3 weeks until we started working on the songs in the rehearsing room.”

Kiske about the diverse songs on the album:”Yes, except Kosta everyone was involved in songwriting. We all have different influences, but we knew this right from the start. We wanted to do a little bit Metal, some melodic Hard Rock and if it fitted to the song, also some Pop influences. I like the album very much.”

Kiske about the promotion only focused on Kiske/Hansen and possible problems:” No we knew this from the beginning, since we have the biggest names, because of our past. Also Mandy, Dennis and Kosta are long enough in this business to know how this game is working and they are also very happy, that they have much more rest than Kai and me, haha! They are professionals and know that this promotion helps the whole band.”

Kiske about a special memory from Loud Park festival:” We played in Japan for the first time together with Kai ‘I want out’. When we left the stage Naomi, a woman from Japanese Burrn magazine was crying!!! I asked her why she was crying and then I was told that it was the first time for Japanese people watching ‘I want Out’ with Kai and me together. This probably touched her emotionally very much. When we toured in Japan for Keeper 2, Kai had already left the band and I was not really aware of this whole thing anymore. Really crazy, right?”

Kiske being asked about the possibility of a tour next year together with Helloween:” I don’t think so!!!”