Unisonic is the name of Meyers new passion. “It’s an interesting project in which I participate for two years.” Since the band was founded by singer Michael Kiske (former Helloween singer) Meyer has been active as a guitarist. “I was surprised by him. I’m not a big fan of Helloween, but he has a strange  voice. “The Küssnacht means strange in a positive way and compares Kiske in the same league as Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.
Because of Unisonic Mandy Meyer is currently very often for rehearsing in Karlsruhe. “A lot goes is done by the computer. Especially in terms of songwriting.  “Actually, it nerves him to spend so much time on the computer.  “My eyes won’t do this any longer.”
And yet the benefits are obvious: Individual tracks can be recorded and later send and the comments will follow via e-mail.

Unisonic is not known by many people.

“Unisonic played huge festivals last year without releasing a record,” Mandy Meyer spoke enthusiastically of the band. At the same time he shows on the laptop a movie on YouTube: “Here we had to play a Helloween song, because the public demanded it. But Michael Kiske really wants a new direction. “But it’s not quite so simple to get rid of the old Helloween robe.  30000 people saw Unisonic at Masters of Rock Festival 2010 in the Czech Republic. “Here in Switzerland almost nobody knows us. So we go where people want our music. ”

The album is coming nearer.

Since the first record of Unisonic has been announced for this year, this means even for a professional like Mandy Meyer: A lot of brutal practice. The style is fast. I imagine that it is not different in our country when someone plays the individual notes of a hand organ. “He had not gone into music for playing nirvana riffs.  “What fascinated me, is the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix and Santana when I saw them playing for the first time.”
On 15 October Unisonic is heard at the Loud Park Festival in Japan, which will attract about 40,000 people. Krokus comes into play here again: “They will be there too. And since Fernando von Arb health is not so good, I need to step in at the festival as a guitarist. I hope I’m fit enough to play two gigs on the same day, “Meyer said, laughing.

Gotthard and Krokus.

2008, Mandy Meyer left Krokus. “We had no problems with each other. But I wanted to do something different, wanted to develop myself. Krokus has been playing relatively straightforward songs in the style of AC / DC. ”
Meyer suddenly mentions Amy Winehouse.  “She sounded at a very young age as a mature, experienced woman. I always question how such young people can deliver so incredibly mature music. “Unbelievable for Meyer was the death of his friend and Gotthard singer Steve Lee last year. “We have had good times together. I still cannot believe it. “In Gotthard nobody knows really how it will go on. “Steve played a vital role for the band.”

Next week on Rock Oz’Arènes

Katmandu, his own band, Mandy Meyer reunited about four months ago. “With Unisonic just was not that busy so I’ve revived Katmandu.” On Thursday of next week, the band will play at the Rock Oz’Arènes in Avenches. The vocals will be done by Hagen Grohe, the singer of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

To be continued

Besides all the bands Mandy Meyer also plays from time to time with his 21-year old daughter Annika – but only within their own four walls. “I sometimes give her advices; she takes 2 of 50 advices” the father told visibly amused. “She makes good and interesting things. Especially in the texts she is strong – in this I am extremely weak. I hope she finds a good playing ground. “The list of music legends Mandy Meyer should be continued.

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