09. June – Unisonic – Fabrik – Bruchsal, Germany. I visited two of the great warm-up shows of Unisonic, the first concert in Mörlenbach and the third show in Bruchsal. There were some differences, the first was the addition of a local support band from that region. This band is called Moorange and I have never heard of them before. They are a kind of rock band but not quite my kind of style. They played an half hour and did some nice announcements of the following Unisonic gig.

Then after some more minutes Unisonic entered the stage and played their first song ‘Cross the Line’ with the audience in a fantastic mood. In comparison with the first warm-up show, this gig was much more professional with a better sound and light equipment in this hall. Also the band did some remarkable improvements and the most noticeable was the great interaction between Michael and the audience. It was almost like in the good old times and Michael told, that there were times, when he never thought of entering a stage again. He was very happy, that he did it again and everything is a fantastic experience for him. Michael also said something about how surprised he was, with so many people visiting these small shows. Another change was the introduction of the band members, because when I remember correctly, this has not been done in the first show. The band introduction was also quite funny with Michael introducing the other band members as good souped-up guys.


The band playing had also improved a lot with some more position changes of the band members. During one song Michael left the stage and started singing from the audience position which gave the people another funny and exciting moment.

The singing of Michael was also much more solid and I cannot approve some of Michaels statements, that he was not so happy with his voice. For me he was in a very good condition, but maybe he is a kind of perfectionist as someone on this board already suggested. Michael had learned the text of the new Unisonic song ‘Souls Alive’ and did not need the notes anymore, at least not in a visible way. Again the people almost freaked out during the old ‘Kids of the Century’ and ‘A little time’. During ‘Kids of the Century’ the band made a small mistake in the second chorus, but the second song ‘A Little Time’ had another fantastic middle part of Priests ‘Victim of Changes’ with Michael’s high screaming in ultimate perfection. Another funny moment was after the band leaving the stage and the people yelling for a bonus song, Michael entered the audience place for a second time and accompanied to the yelling.

It was really a great and emotional evening and I hope to see them soon again with more new Unisonic songs.


Here is the set-list:

01. Cross The Line
02. I’ll Be Gone – extended ending
03. I Will Be Waiting – with slow down
04. Set Me Free
05. Too Late
06. Souls Alive
07. Completely Breathless
08. Sign Of The Times – guitar feature
09. Streets Of Fire
10. The Setting Sun
11. Follow Me
12. My Guardian Angel
13. Kids Of The Century
14. A Little Time
15. Cross The Line (reprise)


Here are some videos of this fantastic event:

1. Cross the Line


2. Introducing the Band