It’s done! Unisonic started today the tour to promote their debut album in Argentina at Teatro Flores! This is the first leg of this tour which has four shows in South America; Argentina (done 12th), two shows in Chile (15th and 16th) and Brazil (18th) and then another show in Mexico (20th).

The band shared stage with the “very special guest” band Gotthard – they will be their partners in most of the dates in this tour – and also the guests for this show in Argentina; the Mexican band Conjuro and the band Resist. Unisonic closed the show at 23:15 with a performing of 90 minutes (more or less).

Brigitte review

Brigitte little comments about the show: “After an half hour break, Unisonic entered the stahge at around 21:45. They gave 100% from the beginning and you could see that did a lot of practising. It was the first show with all the new material, but everything seemed tight arranged and very professional. Michael’s voice was better than every and he didn’t need any paper on any song. Maybe a little more interaction with the audience could be done for future shows. You could also see, that most Argentinian people didn’t know most of the Unisonic songs. This is quite understandable, since the album was not yet released there. So when the first Helloween track “March of Time” started, the audience went crazy and jumping up and down.”

Here is the Set-List:01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I’ve Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. Over The Rainbow
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me
______________________________ Encore14. Future World
15. I Want Out
Unisonic Argentina Teatro Flores 2012 Unisonic Argentina Teatro Flores 2012
Unisonic Latin tour 2012 Tshirts


As you can see, they played almost the whole Unisonic album, except the song ‘No One Ever Sees Me‘ (very difficult to play live with all those orchestration) and the Japanese bonus track ‘The Morning After‘. And they also played three old tracks of Helloween’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys which were written by Kai.

More pictures and/or videos here:

Unionic – Unisonic

Unisonic – Never too Late

Introducing the Band

Unisonic – Renegade

Unisonic – King for a Day

Unisonic – We Rise

Unisonic – Over the Rainbow

Never Change Me

Unisonic – Future World

Unisonic – I want Out

Unisonic – Backstage

The next show will be at La Batuta in Santiago de Chile, Chile on May 15th.