Unisonic private rehearsal in Karlsruhe

This show was not announced to anybody, it was a private show or maybe it fits better to call it a private rehearsal. It was done in Karlsruhe where they were making rehearsals for the first official dates at Dennis Ward studio. But they wanted to make a show to get the right feeling and to get in touch with some audience before the first dates.

The German band The Great Rockblock lend their rehearsal room to make this show.

The show was full of people of Bottom Row promotion agency, some friends, some guests and also another musicians like Uwe Reitenauer (guitarist of Place Vendôme and Pink Cream 69) also the artist/photographer Marc Stern (who did the first photoshoot of Unisonic in 2010), some of The Great Rockblock band, etc…

So this was the first live performance of Michael Kiske after Helloween’s departure. But is true that we can’t talk about this event as the first show because no tickets were sold, not promotion so it was not a real show it was a private show. Anyway it could be a great “trivia” question.


01. Cross The Line
02. I’ll Be Gone
03. I Will Be Waiting (with slow down)
04. Set Me Free
05. My Guardian Angel
06. Too Late
07. Souls Alive
08. Completely Breathless
09. Sign Of The Times – extended ending guitar feature
10. Streets Of Fire
11. The Setting Sun
12. Follow Me
13. Kids Of The Century
14. A Little Time

There are not surprises in the setlist of that “secret” show, more or less the same setlist than the other warming up shows. Just the order was changed a little in following shows. They exchanged positions of ‘Follow Me‘ for ‘My Guardian Angel‘.


Here is a little review or comment about the show, by Äfa (German Empire, Queensryche):

The concert served as the final rehearsal for the upcoming Unisonic concerts. It took place at a band rehearsal room in Karlsruhe. The audience had been invited by word of mouth and consisted mainly of musicians, friends and acquaintances.

I remember Michi being quite nervous, he read some of the lyrics from a sheet. However, after the very first song it was obvious that his voice has not lost its magic, he still knows how to sing! The audience was very impressed as it was Kiske’s first live show in 17 years!


Here are some pictures: