Masters of Rock in Vizovice, Czech Republic  15.07. – 18.07.2010

Travelling experience:

This was my longest and most adventures travel by car to a concert so far and it was route of about 1000 km. I started on 14.07.2010 from my second living and working place at that time in Bonn/Germany at around 4 o’clock p.m. I planned to take a room for one night short before the Czech border. There were some heavy weather conditions announced before and I faced that around 1 hour after I started my trip. The clouds became darker and darker and finally some branches flow to my direction, a heavy storm with thunder and lightning and heavy rain started too. I could just manage to direct my car to the next parking place. I stayed inside my car, because of the heavy lightning directly above me. Luckily my car didn’t get damaged with branches and other stuff that flew around. I waited for about an hour there and then continued my trip.

The heavy weather conditions did a very negative effect that I didn’t knew at that time and I will come back later to this.


Quickly I faced the situation that I could not manage the planned distance on that day, because the weather condition didn’t really get better and lots of traffic jams did happen because of this. It was around midnight and I only managed about 300 km and I was really tired. I tried to get a room at the next resting place, but no rooms left. So this was my first time sleeping inside of my car and it was quite uncomfortable, but it somehow worked. The next day I started very early, but I knew I wouldn’t arrive in time when the festival starts. The weather was much better now and I arrived around 5 o’clock p.m. on 15.07.2010 at my hotel. Immediately I started to the festival area by car. Of course it was difficult getting a parking place anymore, so I used a gas station around 2 km away and walked the rest.


First festival day 15.07.2011:


I arrived around 6 p.m. there, just in time for the signing session of Tarja and taking some pictures. The weather was already really very hot in Vizovice on my arrival and the heavy weather conditions had not reached that region yet. On that first day I could see the concerts of Axel Rudi Pell and Tarja. Axel Rudi Pell was very good as always and Tarja did a little bit different set with orchestra and some more classic arrangements. The audience liked it really very much. I left the festival area after Tarja’s performance, because I was very tired.




Second festival day 16.07.2011:

Recovered from the travelling I did some sightseeing nearby my hotel in the morning and started to the festival area around 3 p.m. The weather seemed hotter than the day before and sun protection was a must. I saw several bands that day like Metalforce, Delain, Epica and Queensryche. Epica and Quennsryche were very good and of course the audience did the best reactions on the old Queensryche songs. After Queensryche I left to the hotel since I’m not that much into Manowar and their macho stuff.


Third festival day 17.07.2011:


I told you that I would come back with some negative effects of the heavy weather conditions during my travel. I got a phone call that the flat at my first living place got water damage during the heavy storm. A relative checked that and it really had happened. I was 1000 km away and couldn’t do much, so I decided to stay at the festival, but of course my mood wasn’t so good that day. Nevertheless I went to the festival on the 3rd day at 3 p.m. again. On that day there were more of the bands with harsh vocals that I don’t like at all. The weather got hotter again and I searched for a place with a little shadow. On that day I saw Primal Fear, Annihilator and Gamma Ray.


Gamma Ray did the best performance in my opinion, but a guest appearance of Kiske on the song “I want out” would have been nice. This didn’t happen back then and seemed not to be the right time for this. During the day the clouds become stronger and just after Gamma Ray had finished, heavy rain started. I just could manage to get a taxi back to the hotel, because this day I didn’t drive with my own car.





Fourth and final festival day 18.07.2011:

The next day the weather was quite bad with several rain showers and colder temperatures. This was of course the days that I was looking forward the most with the Unisonic performance. I had seen Unisonic on two warm-up shows before but was really very excited how they would do in front of such a big audience. On that day there were a lot of bands with harsh vocals too and I can understand Michael’s statements about these bands very well. I didn’t like them as well. I really enjoyed only bands like Doro and Accept which did great beside Unisonic.


The meet and greet event with UNISONIC was the first highlight of the day. A lot of people were waiting for them, more than for the previous bands of that day. Sadly a grim looking security guy only allowed signing one item for every person. But I had the time to make a few pictures and Michael was in very good mood. Of course I got my cd booklet signed and could also get a signed autographed card. Additionally I bought a T-Shirt as a merchandising as well.



Unisonic’s first T-Shirt
  Unisonic’s first T-Shirt


About one hour and half later, UNISONIC was introduced by a festival speaker, but I could not understand a word. A band introduction in English would have helped a lot, since there were many people from other countries. They entered the stage with ‘Cross the Line’. Again Michael was in a very good vocal condition and especially the backing vocals were much more professional than during the small club shows. The band really enjoyed playing, even during this quite bad weather.

Michael also gave the audience the chance to sing along on several tracks. A few more personal announcements in between the tracks would have been perfect, but I think the band didn’t have the time to do so. Sadly the concert was too short and the band could not even perform an additional track. The concert finished with another brilliant performance of ‘A little time’ with a high screaming highlight of Michael in the middle part of the song. The audience was also very enthusiastic after the concert and would have been happy with more songs.


I left the festival area after the Accept performance since I need some rest before my 1000 km travel back home on the next day. Because of the job I had to manage the whole distance on one day. As a last note I did give up my first living place with the water damage some weeks later and had to move to a different region because of the job, so it wasn’t such a big loss.






Here is the set-list of Unisonic:

01. Cross The Line
02. I’ll Be Gone
03. I Will Be Waiting
04. Set Me Free
05. Too Late
06. Souls Alive
07. Completely Breathless
08. Sign Of The Times – guitar feature
09. Streets Of Fire
10. The Setting Sun
11. Follow Me
12. My Guardian Angel
13. Kids Of The Century
14. A Little Time


Here are some of my videos from this fantastic event:

1. Cross the Line


2. I’ll be gone


3. Set me free


4. Souls Alive


5. Sign of the Times


6. Streets of Fire


7. The setting sun


8. Guardian Angel


9. Kids of the Century


10. A little Time