Unisonic played together at the famous Masters of Rock festival in Czech Republic on 13.07.2012 (Friday) together with the following bands:

532298_318137921612674_1463147433_nUNISONIC, EDGUY, WITHIN TEMPTATION, SABATON, THIN LIZZY, KAMELOT, ARCH ENEMY, KORPIKLAANI, STRATOVARIUS, DEATHSTARS, PAIN, EXODUS, TIAMAT, PAUL DI ANNO, FREEDOM CALL, HELL, The Sorrow, Kissin´ Dynamite, Saltatio Mortis, Suicidal Angel, Milking The Goatmachine, Skyforger, Odium, Horkýže Slíže, Arakain, Doga, Visací zámek, Vitacit, Salamandra, Legendy…

This is one of the latest dates on European festival tour, after this one only another in Sweden left.



The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. I’ve Tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. March Of Time (Guitar solos)
08. Over the Rainbow
09. Souls Alive
10. Star Rider
11. We Rise __________________________________Encore 


12. Future World
13. I Want Out

Brigitte comments/review (it will be updated)

It was really a great show and people loved it. I watched from backstage and had the direct view to the audience. I also have the interview, but it was really chaotic, hahahaha. Kosta gave me the backstage pass directly, because peole at the entrance didn’t know it. The interview could not be done at 7pm, because Kai was still missing at 6pm and so they were too late to signing session and everything was a little bit delayed. After Kosta I meet Michi, we ate something together, but he seemed really tired, so I didn’t do any questions there.

The sound was good. Kosta later said, that normally the sound is not so good from backstage. But for me it was good. They were also satisfied with the sound.  It was a really good show. I could see the audience also enjoyed. Of course again mainly the Helloween songs, but also several other songs like ‘Unisonic‘, ‘King For A Day‘, ‘My Sanctuary‘ and ‘We Rise‘.

Tobias Sammet also watched backstage the Unisonic show. He was later standing behind me. I was in front at backstage.

About the interview, I had to wait a little bit and first there were 2 guys who did an video interview with Kai and Michi. Kosta really had to convince both to do this at all, because they both wanted to watch Edguy who started to play by that time. Kai was by that time already gone to watch Edguy. So we did this video interview with 4 guys. Kai later came in and excused that he cannot participate in the interview now and we could set-up something like via email or skype later. I got most questions answered with some interesting details, for example Unisonic will use some Masters Of Rock footage.

I cannot watch the video interview correctly at the small laptop. It is too slow for this 1 Gig HD video. I thin I can only upload and watch it, when I’m back home. But the interview is quite funny and a little chaotic, with Kai entering in the middle to say that he cannot do it right now.

About the new Kiske solo album, he is collecting ideas for it. It will be completely different than his previous solo records. He didn’t find the words for it, a little bit sacral or something like that. But also electric guitars. He didn’t find the words for it. I asked if he meant symphonic, but he said no. After Edguy show they had to drive back to Germany immediately via nightliner bus, because in the morning the flight for Kiske & Hansen from Nürnberg back to Hamburg was booked. By the way, they arrived in the morning also via night bus and had only a few hours for resting. This was really a heavy time scedule booked. Kai, he is heavily working on Gamma Ray. So I guess he needed to be back in Hamburg.


Press stuff

Here are some first pictures:

Here are two photo album by Brigitte, signing event album here and show pictures here. Another photo album by Jan Tatar here. A review done by kultura.idnes.sz is here. Volumemax.net did a review, you can read it here. Rockem.cz complete review here. Rock-pictures.de did a photo album, and you can see it here.


Kiske, Kosta and Mandy at backstage with Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) during the Unisonic introduction:

Video of ‘Unisonic + Never too Late’:

Video of ‘King For A Day’:

Video of ‘I’ve Tried’:

Video of ‘My Sanctuary’:

Video of ‘March of Time’ (Backstage):

Video of ‘Over the Rainbow’ (Backstage):

Video of ‘Souls Alive’:

Video of ‘Star Rider’:

Video of ‘We Rise’ (Backstage):

Video of ‘Future World’:

Video of ‘I Want Out‘ (incomplete, backstage):

Kiske introducing to the audience the new guy in the band, Kai Hansen:

Unisonic leaving the Stage:

Unisonic interview for Souls Alive Fanclub after the show: