Unisonic did the fifth show of this new tour at Circo Volador in Mexico City, Mexico (2012/05/20). The venue is big, with capacity for 3,000 people more or less. Unisonic played as usual with the Swiss band Gotthard and with another guest band, it was the Swedish band Pain. It was strange because Gotthard played before Pain, as opener band for this event.

About the setlist of Unisonic, It was or it was going to be the “Argentinian option” which has ‘March Of Time’ and ‘Future World’ instead the setlist option B, (I call it the ‘La Batuta option”) which has ‘I’m Alive’ and ‘A Little Time’. But at the end it was different because they played ‘A Little Time’ instead ‘Future World’. Kiske commented to a fan in the backstage: “We didn’t go to play ‘A Little Time’ on this show, we wanted to play ‘Future World’ but Kai started to play ‘A Little Time’ by himself so we continued.” Of course the main part of the setlist is formed by the whole Unisonic debut album (except ‘No One Ever Sees Me’ and ‘The Morning After’) and the Helloween classic ‘I Want Out’ for closing the show.


The setlist:01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I’ve Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time (‘Follow The Sign’ at the end)
09. Over The Rainbow
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me
______________________________ Encore


14. A Little Time (Victim Of Changes)
15. I Want Out


You can see a review done by Planet-reactor.com (in Spanish) which includes pictures and also information about the other bands; Gotthard and Pain.


So the Latin America tour is over now. And the second leg of the tour will start in one week, the festivals tours in Europe, the first one will be in RockHard Festival ’12 in Germany on May 27th.


Here are some videos of Unisonic in Mexico, the amazing ‘We Rise’:

‘Never Change Me’:

‘Ive Tried’ and ‘My Sanctuary’: