05. June

Unisonic – Mörlenbach/Weiher, Germany. It was a time where I had just finished my studies at the university besides my job which was a very stressful phase in my life. I read a small but very interesting message at the official fanclub about his first live appearance with his new band Unisonic after 17 years and at the beginning I couldn’t believe it. At that time I was only a reader of forum messages but this whole thing seemed to be real and there was also an organization with a recommended hotel done within the fanclub and forum. I finally decided to participate in Michis Kiskes first live appearance in Mörlenbach/Weiher on 05.06.2010. I booked the recommended hotel in Weinheim for 2 nights too. I started my trip from Duisburg/Germany where I lived at that time on Friday 04.06.2010.

Sadly I got influenza with some fever a few days before this trip, but decided to do it anyway. I reached the hotel with only a few traffic jams at the late afternoon of 04.06.2010 and used the remaining time for a little sightseeing in Weinheim which has a very nice environment. The next day I felt quite ok but still had some health problems which should get worse later that day.  By the way I often get ill during spring and summer in vacation times, but very seldom in winter. That’s just bad luck! After some nice breakfast I started another little sightseeing in the nice city of Heidelberg which is around 40 km away from Weinheim. The weather was really hot today and I did a few stops during sightseing. After taking some nice picture and eating an ice I drove back to the hotel and needed some resting, because I got quite heavy headaches. There was an announcement that the visitors of the Unisonic concert would be picked up by the organizers of the concerts and taken to Mörlenbach for free at 7 pm. So I had a little time for myself and some recovering.

They arrived at approximately 7:20 pm and drove us to the concert hall. Later I found out that I should have driven with my own car to the hall, because I missed a signing session of Michi Kiske before the concert. Nevertheless we arrived at 8 pm at Mörlenbach/Weiher and we could already listen to some nice rehearsals from outside. At around 8:30 we were allowed to enter the concert hall and it was a very nice and lovely place. We still had to wait some more minutes until we were allowed to enter the concert hall. There were also waiting several other people outside with different band-shirts raging from Gamma Ray to Nightwish, but also several people with a more neutral outfit. So this should be the right place for Michis return and everyone was already very excited.

The concert started at 9 pm and even if I saw Michi on stage I still couldn’t believe it, since it was such a long time he has not entered any stage. But from the very first note on you could hear it’s him, the singer that once was called the “wonder singer” and the successor of such legends like Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and Dio. Of course a lot of things had happened in-between which should not be discussed in this review and could be noted as a sad side note. His voice is still the same like so many years ago,…oh wait not the same,…he is much more mature today and improved with style and variety.


The concert started with “Cross the Line”, one of the best songs of Place Vendome and the audience with approximately around 150 people celebrated Michis return like he has never been away from the scene. Some very nice tunes from Place Vendome albums like “Set me Free” and one of my favorites “Guardian Angel” followed. The last one is also realized as the only existing video clip of Place Vendome. I didn’t know exactly which songs they want to play live in advance, but it seemed obvious that the major part would be Place Vendome song and this did fit the band very well. After “Too Late”, another song from the first album, we heard the first Unisonic song. This song was so new that Michi needs to use a paper sheet and later I found out that this was was just written 2 weeks before this concert by Mandy Meyer. It was a very nice and moving one, as for the style I would call it a hard rock song. This one is already available as a demo song on their MySpace Page.

“Sign of the Times” and “Streets of Fire” the title track from Place Vendome’s second album were another highlights with a nice high singing part in the second one. “Setting Sun” and “Follow Me” showed again their nice melodic rock and AOR approach which was well accepted by the audience. Then we had the probably biggest surprise of that evening and Michi announced some old songs. The first notes of Michis classic Helloween track “Kids of the Century” started and it was not the acoustic version form his latest album “Past in different Ways”, it was the heavy version we all knew. Of course the audience reacted enthusiastic on this song he really sang it like so many years ago in his special high screaming way. The next surprise was another classic Helloween track he had written “A little Time” and it was again the heavy version performed by Unisonic. It had a nice middle part of the classic Judas Priest track “Victim of Changes” as another surprise.


This seemed to be the complete rehearsed set-list which Michi announced after several calls for “one more”. They managed it with repeating some songs they already had played and the first one was the new Unisonic Track “Souls Alive” and this time Michi invited to fans for holding the paper sheet that he could play the guitar this time. After more calls for another song Unisonic played their opening track “Cross the Line” again too and this was the end of a fantastic evening. I was very happy that I could manage the whole concert despite my bad health condition and it was worth every minute.


After the concert I waited some minutes outside of the concert hall to limit a little bit some fever that I still had. It took some time in the fresh air and I felt a little bit better. Later when I reentered the hall, Michi did give some autographs and allowed some pictures. We were driven back to the hotel from the organizers of the Mörlenbach show after some time. This was the end of a very nice concert experience weekend, but I must admit that I was quite happy when I got back to the hotel and could do some sleeping.



1. Cross The Line
2. I’ll Be Gone
3. I Will Be Waiting
4. Set Me Free
5.Guardian Angel
6.Too Late
7.Souls Alive
8.Completly Breathless
9.Sign Of The Times
10.Streets Of Fire
11.Setting Sun
12.Follow Me
13.Kids Of The Century
14. A Little Time
15. Souls Alive (Repeated)
16. Cross The Line (Repeated)


Here are some Videos of this event:

Souls Alive


Kids of the Century


A Little Time


Streets of Fire