Unisonic did the fourth show of this new tour at HSBC Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012/05/18). The venue is big, with capacity for 4,000 people more or less. Unisonic played as usual with the Swiss band Gotthard and without more guests. The show started at 21:30 and Unisonic played at 23:00.

The band chose the setlist option A, (I call it the “Argentinian option”) which has ‘March Of Time’ and ‘Future World’ instead the setlist option B, (I call it the ‘La Batuta option”) which has ‘I’m Alive’ and ‘A Little Time’. The rest of the setlist is the usual, the whole Unisonic debut album (except ‘No One Ever Sees Me’ and ‘The Morning After’) and ‘I Want Out’ for closing the show.

A Brazilian photographer, Renan Facciolo uploaded pictures on his facebook profile, check here, and also on his flickr profile here.

Brigitte review/comments

Brigitte little comments about the show: I arrived at the arena at around 8pm and met again some of the nice fans from Brazil with whom I already celebrated the release party the day before. The concert hall was separated into an VIP area, that was the aea directly in front of the stage and the normal area, separated by a metal barrier. Then there was also a first floor with places to sit down. When I arrived at the arena it was only filled with maybe a few hundred people, but this changed when the first band Gotthard started to play at around 21:30. Then the whole VIP and normal area was crowded and I guess it must have been around 3.000 or 3.500 people.

Gotthard played a nice rocking set, but many people only came for Unisonic. Gotthard finsihed at around 22:30 and after a break of 30 minutes Unisonic started. The crowd went wild immediately with the first song Unisonic and everyone sang the lyrics. This was a great experience and the sound was also very good at this location. Kiske’s vocals were also in great shape and you could easily see that he got more confident in the stage acting. He also did some nice small speeches to the audience and letting them know that getting autographs and taking pictures with the fans will never be anything that they would refuse to do so. They like to share personal contact with the fans. 🙂

They played again my personal highlights from the album ‘King for a day’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and ‘We Rise’, which is also a favorite of Michael Kiske. Some fans from Brazil told me, that one of the best songs from the album is ‘I’ve Tried’ which they really love. They played this song as well as the fantastic old classics ‘March of Time’ (again this is the ultimate song for the fans in Brazil from old Helloween times), Future World’ and ‘I want Out’. Even if I repeat myself, this was a fantastic gig, but it also had a little negative experience for me. I had the oportunity to go backstage, but wasn’t allowed to go there. Maybe they didn’t understand me in English, I don’t know, but of course this was quite sad for me, since this was the last of my 2 South America shows and I couldn’t say hello to them. I also heard from some others that they probably left quite early to the hotel. After waiting quite a while, I left to my hotel. 🙁


The setlist:01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I’ve Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time (‘Follow The Sign’ at the end)
09. Over The Rainbow
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me


14. Future World
15. I Want Out


Promotional events before the show

Unisonic made at least two promotional events before the show, the first one was the day before (2012/05/17) at Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo (Alameda dos Maracatins, 1317, Moema). Brigitte commented about the event: “Brazilians fans came with lots of stuff to sign. They did a lot of party and in that location there were local musicians who played stuff of Judas Priest, Anthrax, Rainbow, Metallica also ‘Dr. Stein’ of Helloween (twice). There were not merchandising to buy but the band was not there.

The second event will be a meet & greet on May 18th, same day of the show but a few hours before, at 17:00. The label Hellion Records did a contest and the winners will take the change of meet with the guys.


‘Intro’ & ‘Unisonic’:

‘Never Too Late’:

‘Star Rider’:

‘Future World’:

‘I Want Out’: