Meet & Greet with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic on 29.03.2012


First of all, I was very lucky that they organized this event as an alternative to the original planned release parties, which couldn’t be done due to increasing promotional activities.

I started my travel to Hamburg from the area nearby Frankfurt  on the 29.03. at around 10 am in the morning with my car. The distance between the 2 cities is around 500km and I managed it within 5 hours including 1 stop. Luckily I faced no traffic jams, but after arriving in Hamburg it took me while to find the hotel and especially the parking place for my car. Yeah, navigation systems can be very tricky sometimes. After some minutes of searching, I found the hotel, which was located around 1km away from the Rock Hard Cafe.

After some resting in the hotel I walked to the Hard Rock Cafe at which I arrived at around 6:45pm. I had to wait some minutes at the bar until we were brought to the reserved upper part of the location. There we could drink something and had to wait until the event started. It was planned that the event started at 8pm, but then someone announced a delay of the meet & greet. Later I found out, they had arrived, but needed to eat something first.

At around 9pm the event finally started and they had organized it in a nice way. Michael and Kai were sitting at a small sitting place with a table and all fans one after the other could sit between the two. There they could have a small talk to them, made some nice pictures and of course got a lot of stuff signed. I have to admit some of the fans really had too many items to be signed, even if I can understand that they were so enthusiastic getting this chance. So I and many others had to wait over an hour until we reached them.

So after visiting a lot of concerts with Unisonic (Weiher, Bruchsal, Masters of Rock 2012 and Loud Park 2011) and other concerts with Michael Kiske like Avanatasia and Gamma Ray, I finally managed to talk to them. I spoke first to Kai and he seem to knew me and had probably seen me before on some concerts, hehehe. Kai is already working on the new Gamma Ray material and also spoke about new tour plans in the future. Of course I also spoke to Michael and asked him a few things like new solo record etc. He will meet soon with Sandro and start working on next Kiske solo record and also a new Place Vendome is in the pipeline for next year. Another topic were the great response to the new Unisonic album, which became number 1 in mp3 albums and also album sales of the physical edition seem to be great.

Michael seemed to be very excited about the upcoming tour which starts in South America and he also seemed to be surprised that I will be there as well, hehehe. Yeah, I like combining vacation with nice concerts. He told me , that he likes South American audience very much and can’t wait to be there again after his first visit with Avantasia in 2010. As a summary of this small talk I can say, they were very attentive and funny all the time.

The whole meet & greet was only planned for an hour and that everyone got 3-5 items signed and then Michael and Kai would come to each table for another small talking, but the signing alone took hours. Kai left the Hard Rock Cafe at around 0:30 am and Michael was still surrounded by lots of fans. He left at around 1:45 am in the morning and all fans who were still there, left the Hard Rock Cafe very happy, like Lynda who travelled from the far away Australia only to attend this meet & greet.

Also from me a big thanks to Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen for this great event and I look forward to meet them again in the future and I look also forward to meet Dennis, Kosta and Mandy soon too!!!