Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen started the promotional visits on February 16th in France. The promotional visit was for 2 days (16th and 17th). They will do interviews for magazines, webzines, radios, etc… Thanks to Louis of Gentlemen Chronicles (http://gentlemenchronicles.com/) who did a video interview and some nice pictures with Michi and Kai.



First part of the interview with Kai:

GC: If you are again in a band with Michael Kiske, it is thanks to Tobias Sammet right?

Kai: In a way, yeah I mean is a kind of process being together again in a live stage and that opened up the door because we got the chances to feel the chemistry on stage it was still there, to feel the connection, to have time to talk about things in the backstage or traveling and it was one initial point of working together and doing this. If the tour would not been happened I’m not sure if actually we would be in that point now. So thank you Tobi.


GC: On your last shows you played “I Want Out” & “Future World”. Can we expect you to play old Helloween songs like “Twilight Of The Gods” or “I’m Alive”?

Kai: Absolutely, yes sure. I mean we will do more shows with Unisonic and of course and I have not only written those two songs in our Helloween times and Michael has written a few. We have a good pool to chose from, so we will not only play the same songs all the time, don’t worry.


GC: My Sanctuary reminds me on Time to Break Free

Kai: Ok, for me the end of “Never Too Late” reminds me of the chorus of “Time To Break Free” and Unisonic riff, which was not made by me, but when I’ve heard the riff, it was on some demo that Mandy did with some guys in Switzerland, and when I’ve heard the riff I said, fuck it sounds like “Into The Storm” of Gamma Ray.


Second part of the interview with Kai:

GC:You had a big success with Helloween during the Keeper era. Was it difficult to deal with it at that age?

Kai: It was difficult with the success. We got to a point, where I really couldn’t handle it anymore in some way. When I left the band we were getting too much into the girlie pop magazines, because metal was getting into this point. I felt kind of strange doing this. Now I wouldn’t mind these days, but at that time I really couldn’t get it. For me metal was always underground, it was against the stream, it was rebellion and all that. So and suddenly you get into something like Tokyo Hotel or Duran Duran.


Interview with Michael Kiske:

GC: What is the story told by your ballad “No one ever sees me”?

Michael: I had the idea when I saw an interview with an Indian father. In some countries they have some very inhuman traditions, especially women are not treated as individuals, like their father decides who they marry. I saw that on TV, he said: I have decided who she marries; she was around 10 or 11 years old; and if she doesn’t stop talking about love, I’m going to kill her with my own hands. I thought it’s unbelievable that a father talks like that about his daughter, that’s not love. You have this in Islamic countries, even in Germany, that certain Muslims kill their daughters or brothers kill their sisters, because they don’t respect the tradition. They decide whom they marry and when they marry someone they love which they really should, they kill her. I respect cultures, but I don’t respect inhumanity. I don’t care about tradition killing women or discriminating women in any way. This really hurt me that a father can talk like that. The lyrics of the song are from the females perspective. That’s what it is about.


GC: Will you make another solo album?

Michael: Kiske: I think so, not as much since Unisonic is the main thing now, but I do still have a contract running. I have to do it even if I have no head for it right now, have to do a new record the next year. I will do this with a friend of mine (Sandro), writing some nice tunes and then I would try to record live which is quicker, then it has a live feeling to it. It might be another Place Vendome album next year, the next year Kai will be more in gamma ray, one year this one year that. I will try to do as much as I can as long as I can.


GC: When you were younger, you had lot of troubles with labels..

Michael: Oh yes, with Helloween we were assigned to Noise and they screwed almost every band. It was a very sick situation, we were selling millions of records, we ruled on tour and venues were sold out. We were successful, but were going into minus. We had a shitty contract, 80 to 20 (20 for the band). And from the 20% they even stole something and we had to pay for everything.


GC: What kind of video games do play?

Michael: I love racing games, like Formula 1. I’m like a child, i have a kind of racing seat with a steering wheel. Actually Tobi from Avantasia made me buy Fifa games, but never played. I wanted to play with him, but he is not really a gamer. In Playstation when you have added someone as your friend, you can see when someone was the last time online. He played the last time around a year ago. He didn’t turn on. He wanted to play with me and you need to spend some time in Soccer games, otherwise it’s too complicated. I would love to play with him, but he didn’t yet.


Here is another new interview from the promotion trip to Paris, France 2012. It was conducted by  Metal Sickness. Here you can watch it:



Here is another interview  from France 2012. It was conducted by  Rocknlive. Here you can watch it: