Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are in Japan from 22. March until 25th to make a promotional visit with the typical events, interviews with radio, Tv, magazines.

Finally the label Avalon/Marquee published about the visit of Michael and Kai to Japan and they published the following statement: “Thank you for waiting. Japan promotion of Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske of Unisonic was officially decided and also announced, with two store events.”



– March 24th (Saturday) at Museum of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal store Ochanomizu Union. 15:00 hr (hour could change, they will decide on March 18th)

It will consist in a sign and handshake event. The conditions of participation: you will receive a ticket when you will buy your copy of Unisonic album  (MICP-11040) on March 21st (release date). Museum of hard rock / heavy metal disk Ochanomizu Union Contact: TEL: 03-3219-5781


– March 24th (Saturday) Tower Records Shinjuku 7f event space. 21:00 hrs.

Here you can read more information:   Avalon/Marquee

It will consist in a sign and handshake event. The same conditions of participation…you will receive a ticket to participate in that even when you purchases the Unisonic album (MICP-11040). Shinjuku Tower Records Contact: TEL: 03-5360-7811 (up to 23 hours 11).

There is an organized event in Japan for the Friday night to Saturday to celebrate the Unisonic release album. This event will be at Rock Bar Malmsteen and it will have the DJs Yuichi (X-factor), TaKE aka blacksheep and Kobas. More information here. They published the following statement:

“Power Metal Night at Rock Bar Malmsteen (Party Space) in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan! commemorating the release of Unisonic album. March 23, 2012 22:00 to March 24, 2012 04:30! With one drink costs ¥ 1,800. It will be a melodic Power metal night with melodic hard rock and heavy metal.

Michael and Kai are on the cover of Burrn! Magazine issue 4 of 2012, April number!


Michael Kiske was voted as 5th favorite singer in Japanese Burrn magazine and Kai Hansen as 9th favorite guitar player. Unisonic album was number 3 in Burrn April