About Setlist:

MK: Probably we will play the whole album Unisonic. Well, depending on how much we agree that the concert will last and is also likely that they included some classic themes we played with Kai at the time of Halloween, when we were recording the Keeper I. Will only compound issues that we ourselves, not something we have not touched compound. Whenever fans are anxious to something, and we’re back with Kai together on stage, then the people or the fans want to relive certain things of the past, which I love doing. No singing some of those songs 20 years ago, going to be entertaining. It is not going to be the center of the show playing the old songs of the time with Helloween or perhaps other issues, but there may be something about it.

MK: One of my favorite singers of all time is Elvis Presley. I think he is amazing, especially between the period 1968 to 1971, I think it was his best time and of course I admire other vocalists like Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford and Dio. I remember we were on tour with Dio twice in the eighties, and he was like another planet, very good, really incredible.

What do you think are new singers who are more future?

MK: I do not know, there are many new bands that I have not even heard, but I know things I like Death Metal, such as guttural screams do not like. I like what he does “Tobi” (Tobias Sammet), I think you’re doing something interesting with this whole artistic concept … I think he’ll be fine.

I like a lot this quote —> Kiske: “I do not feel I have returned to the roots for playing old tracks. I never go back to anything, I always try to move forward with each step I take.”