Finally the tour of Edguy with the very special guest Unisonic is announced and they will tour together in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, starting in September in Bremen, Germany.








This is what Felix Bohnke told our fanclub about a possible Edguy/Unisonic tour in 2013:

That would fit perfectly – although I seriously doubt the world would be ready for so much  Party….:-)  At  the Moment it is hard to speculate about  something like  that , because we are all thinking about the current (Avantasia) Tour.

This is what Tobias told our fanclub about Unisonic about live at Masters of Rock in 2012 and their debut album:

I watched the whole show from the side of the stage and I felt proud for Michael and Kai and I really enjoyed the show. I mean, let’s face it: Michi still has it and I was able to witness that from the side of stage. I caught “March Of Time” and “Future World” and I think “I Want Out”. I think they also played I want Out but I am not sure of that. I really loved to hear those songs sung by Michael but also the new material sounded great. “Unisonic” and “I’ve Tried”, great songs that really work well with Michael’s voice. I am not too familiar with all of the songs, but I also remember “Souls Alive”, cool song too.


A very special show will be the concert in Pratteln, because there will be also Masterplan with Roland Grapow, Michael Kiske’s old companion in Helloween. 🙂

Here are the dates for the Edguy with special guest Unisonic tour leg:

27.09.14 Germany, Bremen, Aladin
28.09.14 Germany, Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
30.09.14 Germany, Munich, Backstage
02.10.14 Germany, Bamberg, brose Arena
03.10.14 Germany, Filderstadt, Filharmonie
04.10.14 Germany, Kaufbeuren, All Kart Halle
06.10.14 Italy, Rome, Orion
07.10.14 Italy, Milan, Live Club
09.10.14 Germany, Saarbruecken, Garage
10.10.14 Germany, Wartenbergoval, Angersbach
11.10.14 Germany, Frankfurt-Langen, Stadthalle
13.10.14 Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7 (also with Masterplan)


P1070950kkkkThere were some difficulties to make this tour happen. Tobias Sammet of Edguy and Avantasia made a spontaneous guest appearance at the Gamma Ray concert in Aschaffenburg, Germany on 11.04.2014, since Kai Hansen got sick and Tobias helped him out.

This is what Tobias said about this evening:

Been on stage with Gamma Ray yesterday. Singin 4 songs spontaneously. It was great, I love this band, many great memories of our tour 1999!

During the show, he also made some small jokes about Unisonic with Kai.

This went like this:

When I got the call from Kai, I first didn’t want to do it, because I have hay fever. In April it is very warm, in May it is rainy and in June it is sunny (in German sounding like ‘Unisonic’)….this band is playing this song as well (Talking about ‘I want out’) and their singer is singing this song much better.


The Unisonic fanclub had the chance to talk a little bit with Tobias Sammet after the concert and he told us, there were concrete plans for a Edguy tour with Unisonic as a special guest. He was skeptical about this package at that time, because of time schedule problems. Finally they could manage it for these 3 countries. 🙂