After an almost 2 years break, Unisonic entered for the first time again the stage at the Bang Your head festival in Balingen on 12.07.2014.

The stage time was set to 17:00 and they played around 1 hour. During the set, some rain started, but luckily only during a few songs.


The setlist:
01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. King For A Day
08. Exceptional
09. March Of Time
10. We Rise
11. I Want Out
Bang Your Head 2014 programVAIN     10:00
MORE     10:50
HIRAX     11:45
MAD MAX     12:40
EKTOMORF     13:45
ROB ROCK     14:50
OBITUARY     15:55
UNISONIC     17:00
ANTHRAX     18:20
EUROPE     19:40


My comments: “The Saturday was sadly much worse than the day before regarding weather conditions and there were several rain showers during the whole day, also during the Unisonic gig. The show was very good, but noticed a little bit that it was their first show after a long break.


For the Kingdom:


March of Time:

Press stuff

Chech our fanclub photo album here. Festival uploaded some pictures in a photo album.