Unisonic started their Asian tour with heading to Japan. The 3rd show is held at Grand Cube Osaka, Japan.

Unisonic will make five dates in Japan to promote the debut album. Gotthard will open for them, the same it happens in South American tour.

Grand Cube Osaka, (also known as Osaka International Convention Center) is the chosen venue. They will play in the Osaka International Conference Hall.



Capacity: 2,754 people.

Open doors: 16:30: / Start 17:00
Tickets ¥ 8,500 but tickets for this show are not available yet, so it could change the prize.


The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King for a Day
06. I’ve Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. No One Ever Sees Me
10. Star Rider (Guitar Solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never change me


14. Future World
15. I Want Out



A nice fan review was done by MichaelH.:

–UNISONIC in Grand Cube Osaka. 8.9.2012–

– Second floor was closed.

– First floor seats 1700.

– Maybe there was a crowd to Ch seat. (1300 – 1500?)

Grand Cube Osaka is a huge concert hall, but sadly there is no large screen. Probably people from many seats far away could not see the musicians on stage.


Osaka has a good and convenient infrastructure. It’s possible to sit down when you are tired. (Some people do not have the condition to stand for hours.) If there are seats, people really enjoy doing some little resting. (In fact, I chose Osaka for that reason)

weak point:

There is too much distance between the audience in general. So it is difficult to express excitement.(Japanese are a little shy.) The stage is almost invisible in block B and C from the seats. And it is very difficult to hear talking on stage. So, we were not be able to understand Kiske’s joke. UNISONIC musicians may have thought the audience did not enjoy with only little reactions. (But in fact the audience was enjoying.)


Kiske’s voice was very good, but, the adjustment of the microphone was very bad. A low-tone level was used for his voice. It was very difficult to hear his high-tone voice. His voice was drowned out by the instruments. It was very disappointing.


Kiske suddenly descended from the stage. Then he was between the audience and the stage. This irritated the strict security guards.(The audience was laughing about this “Freedom performance of Kiske”)

Kiske walked singing “RENEGADE” to seats Bd from the aisle between the seats Aa17 and Aa16. (0:11:27 : Hearable in the live bootleg). With this action he cannot continue singing in a standing position. He is completely surrounded by the audience and Kiske is also being crushed. But, he maintained a great singing voice. Audiences of the rearmost seats were really happy to see Kiske now in such a near distance. It was a special surprise. Then he went down into the audience again and again. The guards had already given up. haha… Sometimes, he had a hard time go up it up to high stage from the audience. And he was not in time to the next lyrics. After that he said gesturing to the security guard. “Bring the stairs in the middle of the stage”. (very cute!)

Adashi commented: “In Unisonic show, Michael Kiske went down often with the people, he walked through the audience in the passage.” Ai said: “Unisonic show was good, I was no idea how was Kiske voice condition (laughs) I will also go to Nagoya show.” Shuri commented: “The show finished, very exciting songs of the pumpkin era. Very interesting.” Roron said: “...walking around the audience, I tried to touch him. The Helloween’s songs were ‘March of Time’, ‘Future World’ and ‘I Want Out’, like the Tokyo performance of two days ago.” Monepon said: “It just ended the show of Unisonic in Osaka. Michael Kiske still sound interesting. I already saw Helloween with Kiske but it was not Kai Hansen. 18 years ago. I was jumping the whole show.” Tomotaka commented: “Kiske vocalist of Unisonic… the encore had ‘I Want Out’ and an amazing voice singing ‘Future World’.” Te said: “Unisonic show was good. I was crying of emotion during ‘March of Time’…” Hassy commented: “I went to the concert of Michael Kiske (Unisonic), it was great!” Yasu said: “It was insanely cool Unisonic. Kai Hansen and Kiske, here is the real thing. Thtat’s do it Mr. Pumpkin.” Shinji commented: “Kiske voice is in the best condition! It was a terrible good reaction with the audience that the main act of the day. They also played some tracks of Helloween era. March Of Time was cool nevertheless.



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