Unisonic started their Asian tour with heading to Japan. The second show is held again at Shibuya-AX, Tokyo in Japan.

Unisonic will make five dates in Japan to promote the debut album. Gotthard will open for them, the same it happens in South American tour.

Shibuya-AX is the only purpose-built concert hall or “live house” in the Tokyo metropolitan area that can accommodate 1,500 people. It is a popular venue for concerts by both Japanese and western artists.



Open doors: 18:00 / Start 19:00

Tickets ¥ 8,500 include 1 Drink specified / 1F Standing · 2F tax included.


The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. I’ve Tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. March Of Time
08. Over The Rainbow
09. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
10. Souls Alive
11. We Rise
12. Never Change Me

13. Future World
14. I Want Out


Hoisendan commented: “Unisonic show was good!” Bard_jp said: “Unisonic and Gotthard were great. I’m impressed.” Nat commented: “Hey, it was awesome Unisonic, with Michael Kiske on vocals, they played ‘Future World’ with Kai Hansen.” Tsukunes said: “Great Unisonic! Michael and Kai Hansen together, is a miracle! I could seen last year at Loud Park, it was great I was constantly with a smile!” Hogeisendan commented: “It was really good, as well the songs of Unisonic. Kiske feels very confortable singing those melodies, and I felt good to hear them. ‘Star Rider’, ‘Souls Alive’ and ‘Never Change Me’ (it sounds like Bon Jovi) were really good. Michael Kiske was really good.” i_k5 commented: “Kiske said during the introduction of ‘March of Time’… “I’ve lost my hair, I’m 44 years old, now 18 years are long time ago but I still can sing this old song”… and he sang MOT in perfect tone.” Ashimasuzuki said: “It was funny to see live Unisonic. They are still strong with Michael and Kai.” Metalhealer commented: “Awesome show of Unisonic!“. Naoko Angela said: “For me the best was ‘Never Change Me’. It’s my favourite song and is easy to listen even you are not a Unisonic fan. It was a little surprising the last part.

Mizuki said: “I enjoyed a lot in the show. Congratulations for all people who participated in!” Gaspode commented: “Unisonic and Gotthard were awesome, both bands have talent.” Yigalca said: “Michael Kiske is in the best condition though! Goose bumps stood in high tone and vibrato, cool!” Nicb8 said: “I returned home safely after Unisonic show. Also Gotthard was good. Kiske singing was great, Future World and I Want Out encore was integrated as classic!” Tommyrobin said: “It was funny the show of Unisonic, please release it in Dvd!” Metalhighwind comment was: “Unisonic vocalist, Michael stays immaculately voice. The singing ability is not disturbed until the end. Like a genuine Helloween!


Press stuff / Pictures:

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March of Time (small clip):

Future World (small clip):


I want out (small clip):