After doing first European concerts as a very special guest for Gotthard in Russia they took a little break. In October they headed to Spain and again as a “very special guest” of Gotthard in the European tour. Unisonic plays about 70 minutes and Gotthard 80 more or less.

The first location in Spain was in Barcelona on 11. October 2012.

Sala Apolo of Barcelona has capacity for 1.200 people. Open doors at 19:00 and the Unisonic show starts at 20:00-21:05.




The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. My Sanctuary
06. March of Time
07. Over the Rainbow
08. Star Rider
09. We Rise
10. Never change Me


11. Future World
12. I Want Out


Marc commented: The concert was brutal. We also were an ideal place. Michi at the request of my loved wife, gave us the wrist carrying in his right hand. Kiske still has the same prodigious voice, it was perfect and the set list, although short, also convinced me. When the Unisonic show ended, I went out to the street waiting to see them. It took half an hour to come out and were very patient and kind at all time. I have photos with Michi, with Kai and also they signed my ticket. It was a magical night, I will never forget. After 24 years of waiting, finally my dream has come true. Kalimetal commented:Sala Apolo completely full and listening some tracks of Helloween by Unisonic. ‘Future World’ and ‘I Want Out’ to finish the show, the Apolo Sala is happy. Awesome show, great supporting band!400butacas said:Unisonic are a cinema band, and it sounds like to winning an Oscar! Thanks Kiske and Kai for an amazing band!Laila commented:Great concert of Unisonic in Barcelona, awesome!J. Antoni said:Great show of Unisonic and Gotthard yesterday in Barcelona. Kiske is in a amazing shape. Rock on!”

Press stuff


Future World & I want Out

Press stuff

Gotthard filmed a little video with a lot of fans joining at the venue Sala Apolo, click here to watch it. Review with a lot of pictures by rafabasa, click here.