After doing first European concerts as a very special guest for Gotthard in Russia and Spain they took a little break. On a very special day, 31.10.2012 (Halloween) they started their German tour with an already sold-out concert in Filderstadt. Unisonic plays about 65 minutes and Gotthard 80 more or less.

The 4th location in Germany was in Hamburg (The hometown of Michael & Kai) on 04. November 2012.


Sadly the Hamburg concert was a very difficult one, since Michael Kiske and a few other members of the band got a flu. In Bochum, Michael could still handle the vocals very good, but in Hamburg it got much worse. He couldn’t manage to sing all songs and Kai Hansen helped him out for a few songs to finish the show. Michael returned for the last song ‘I want Out’.


The setlist:
01. Intro
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too late
04. King for a day
05. I’ve tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. No one ever sees me
08. Star Rider (with Kai Hansen on vocals)
09. We rise (with Michael Kiske on vocals and some help of Kai Hansen)
10. Never change me (with Kai Hansen on vocals)
11 Future World (with Kai Hansen on vocals)
12. I want out  (with Michi Kiske back on vocals)


Basti, the Kiske official contact commented a few things about the show via facebook during the show, he said: “Michi is really ill and with a cold tonight, he has difficulties with his voice and sings lower as usual. But still very good. Hope that his voice stands until the end of the show. Michi asked the crowd to help him.” A bit later he said: “Michi’s voice is gone, Kai singing Star Rider now. Kai singing the rest of the show, he is doing his best.” And a bit later… “Kiske is back for I want out. Great guy!” For ending: “That was Hamburg, interesting show. Let’s hope that Michi can recover until next show on Friday in Langen. Wish him all the best!

Jutta, the Kiske promoter published: “A really special show. The vocalist lost the voice completely after a few songs, and he went to the first row to sign autographs meanwhile the guitarist sings (Kai did it well). Get well Kiske!


Never Change Me (with Kai Hansen on vocals):

Future World (with Kai Hansen on vocals):

Press stuff did a photo album, check the pictures here.