Unisonic will make five dates in Japan to promote the debut album. Gotthard will open for them, the same it happens in South American tour.

The venue for the fifth and last Japanese concert is Club Quattro in Hiroshima. You can find more information about the venue in their official site.

Capacity: around 800 people.

Open doors: 18:00 / Start 19:00


Tickets ¥ 8,500 (no confirmed the prize yet) include 1 Drink specified / 1F Standing.


The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King for a Day
06. I’ve Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. I’m Alive
09. No One Ever Sees Me
10. Over the Rainbow
11. Star Rider (Guitar Solos)
12. Souls Alive
13. We Rise
14. Never change me


15. Future World
16. I Want Out


A very nice review was done by MichaelH.:

–UNISONIC in Hiroshima Club Quattro. 11.9.2012–

– Second floor was closed. (Floor after the PA BOOTH)

– First floor All Standing Capacity 400-500.

– The audiences were 350-400 in number.


Hiroshima Club Quattro is very narrow. (Width about 20m – depth about 10m ) Imagine a large living room in your home. The stage is also very close to the audience at the back of the hall. So, we can enjoy a sense of reality and a homelike atmosphere.

weak point:

Hiroshima lacks a good public transportation system. It’s difficult to go there. People who want to participate from afar, need a 2-day vacation. The 2-day vacation is difficult by weekdays and therefore, many people could not participate.


The adjustment of the microphone is bad again on that day. Sometimes the sound of the microphone was gone out. Kiske was adjusting it himself and visited many times the PA. (It was particularly bad until “King for a Day” from “Never Too Late” on.) However, even if Kiske could not use the microphone, his voice was still heard enough. (This is the advantage of a small hall!) Dennis had a smile on his face from beginning to end. Mandy always did eye contact with the audience while playing the guitar. After the performance, Kosta said hello with a satisfying smile.

For me, the concert of Hiroshima was more splendid than the concert of Osaka. With a smaller hall you can watch the members more closely. It is because I can taste a sense of unity. I was very much excited and greatly impressed. Now I am waiting that they come back to Japan soon.


During the concert, Kiske always took an interesting action, and it looked like fun. Kiske got a handmade doll from a fan. (https://twitter.com/BaroqueStarX/status/245776810833506304/photo/1 …from twitter comment) He let audience do a performance of his own with Kiske doll. (the puppet play?! ) Then he put Kai the Kai doll on the shoulder during the guitar performance. Kai had to play the guitar, and had to answer Kiske. Kai was very busy in that moment…. hahaha.. Kiske laid down in the edge of stage and Dennis pretended to tramp down of Kiske. Dennis stepped over him and played bass. Kiske then showed a mineral water bottle to the audience and asked “need it?” In the next moment, Kiske poured mineral water on the head of the audiences.

Yuko commented: “I exit of Hiroshima show of Unisonic… I’m very happy to be there, thanks to everyone around, fulfilling. You’re the best of this year. I’m happy Kai and Michi will be here, thanks. Everyone else as well, I’ll see you live again.” Suto said: “Today it was Unisonic at Quattro. I was crazy with Mandy and Kai Hansen solo.” Yuking commented about the show: “The show finished! Including three songs of Helloween’s Keepers. I can say the songs with Kai on guitar and Kiske voice was inspiring! I cried many times!” Kamot said: “Kiske was joking too, he has the strongest voice and perfect! The legend that still can sing in high tones…


Press stuff

Here are pictures done by MichaelH.:


Here is the full audio show: