After doing first European concerts as a very special guest for Gotthard in Russia and Spain they took a little break. On a very special day, 31.10.2012 (Halloween) they started their German tour with an already sold-out concert in Filderstadt. Unisonic plays about 65 minutes and Gotthard 80 more or less.

After a longer than expected break due to influenza illness of singer Michael Kiske and bassist Dennis Ward, Unisonic continued their German tour. The 6th and last location in Germany was in Munich on 17. November 2012.


The setlist:
01. Intro
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too late
04. I’ve tried
05. My Sanctuary
06. No one ever sees me
07. We rise
08. Never change me
09 Future World
10. I want out


Role commented: “Kiske & Kai Hansen for old metalhead still in the memory. The sound is ok so far, Kiske proposes bravely despite the flu. What a end with the classics ‘Future World’ and ‘I Want Out’ nice!

My comments: “It was a great  day and I’ve got a lof of news. The audience was a little bit better than in other cities, but still they had to motivate them quite often. Kiske still had a few issues with his voice and sang a few little parts lower, he remembered playing there 23 years ago with Helloween and he also named correctly all countries where they had played in the last months. It was also again the shortened set-list. They played ‘Star Rider’ in the soundcheck but not in the show.


Star Rider (Soundcheck):

I’ve Tried

We Rise

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