Unisonic played at the Rockwave Festival in Malakasa, Greece on 1st of July from 17:25 – 18:25.

This is another date for this tour. Rockwave Festival 2012 is scheduled from 30th June to 2nd July 2012 in Terravibe Park at Malakasa, Greece. It’s quite near of Athens. The festival’s location was constantly being changed until 2004, when event park TerraVibe Park, located in Attica, became the permanent host of the festival.



Ozzy and Friends (Black Sabbath was cancelled for Tony Iommi’s illness, wish him the best!)
Machine Head
Paradise Lost
Planet Of Zeus
Lucky Funeral


The setlist:
01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King for a Day
06. My Sanctuary
07. March of Time
08. Souls Alive
09. Star Rider
10. We Rise
11. Never Change Me
12. I Want Out

Fan Reviews

Thodoris said: “The audience of Unisonic is singing: ‘God is the bald’ and also ‘is the crazy bald‘. Ikrory commented:”Epic comment at Rockwave, the audience is screaming to Michael Kiske: ‘is the crazy bald’ XD” Antere said: “The sound was bad (even terrible for my tastes). Kiske’s mic volume was very low and you could barely hear him at times. The guitars were also not mixed very well. Sometimes you couldn’t hear Hansen’s solos and leads. The band played overall very good and Kiske was amazing. A couple of mistakes in Renegade and in Never Change Me. The set list was very good although I would have wanted to hear Future World or A Little Time.” Anger commented: “I’m not a fan, but it was nice. A joy to all.”  Ashmenia said: “They had problems with the microphones and the high bass… it was great to hear the screams and especially the finale of ‘I Want Out’ was an orgasm. Kiske remains an excellent level. I liked expecially ‘Unisonic’ and ‘My Sanctuary’.” Angus said: “The Unisonic were very good, better than I expected, although they were modest in bad sound… The Kiske in explosive mood, was very dynamic frontman, strange after so many years not to clash board, surprised me pleasantly. The classic Kai God. Adored him. When they played the two Helloween songs I went mad, I got bored with ‘Never Too Late’ and ‘King For A Day’, but it was ok, but liked a lot.

Videos & Pictures

Here are some first pictures:


Here are videos of Unisonic performing at Rockwave, Greece on 01.07.2012:

Intro + Unisonic

Souls Alive


King for a Day

March of Time

We Rise

I Want Out

Full Show

Press stuff

Here is a very nice photo album of Unisonic at Rockwave festival 2012 by Thodoris Markou, check it here! A long and great photo album by AngelCry here. Here is the first review of Rockwave festival, done by Mydecibel, click here.