The big Unisonic tour contest is over and we have some winner. Yes I know, this time the questions were a little difficult and could be understood in different ways, but we accepted different ways of undertsanding the question. This time 23 people took part in the contest and noone answered all questions correctly. So the first prize went to the one who explained everything in the best way.


So here are the winners:


1. prize: Alberto Arevalo

2. – 6. prize: Metal Zigolo, eva tegou, alican göktürk, jani.laine, Neo Deo

7. – 10. prize: Chris Vermeire, darnold89, Marisa Francesconi, Manuel Bormida


Here are the questions and the answers we accepted:

1. Which is the first song ‘officially released’ by Unisonic?

answer: We accepted as answer ‘Souls Alive’ since it was released as myspace demo and we accepted ‘Unisonic’, since it was on first ‘Ignition’ EP + first official video clip.

2. Who is the designer of the cover artwork?

answer: Martin Häusler

3. Which musician did an interview with Michael Kiske in 1995 and why?

answer: Tobias Sammet in 1995/1996 as a replacement for an injured interviewer. We also accepted Jan Michael Dix of Rock Hard who did an interview in 1995, since I think he is musician as well despite that I did not think about him when I wrote down the question.

4. Which band/project have/had more members of Unisonic playing together?

answer: This could as well be understood in 2 ways, so we accepted 2 answers. 1. answer: Place Vendome, since they have more members than Unisonic, since Günter Werno is only session musician in Unisonic. 2. answer: Place Vendome, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Pink Cream 69 etc. since they have more than one member of Unisonic in their bands.

5. Which country/countries will not have meet&greet during this tour?

answer: Germany (despite many shows, there was no signing session, official or inofficial meet&greet, you could only have luck catching them after/before the show), Switzerland, Spain (nothing confirmed yet), Russia, Slovakia

There was an official meet&greet for Italy, Sweden, an inofficial meet&greet/tour finish in Japan and a signing session in Czech Republic

6. Who had the idea for the band name Unisonic?

The main idea came from Kosta Zafiriou (The band was thinking all together about two names containing “Unison” and “Sonic” and Kosta thought to put them together)


I will now contact all winners for their name and address and in case they won a shirt, I will ask if they want size M or L (except first prize Japan shirt, which is only available in size L)